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SANY advances in Europe

1. SANY excavator debuts at UK’s Executive Hire Show

Recently, the annual Executive Hire Show, one of the most important exhibitionof the construction machinery rental industry in the UK, took place in the city of Coventry. After a suspension due to COVID, the event returned this year and attracted more than 100 exhibitors and over 1,000 key accounts in the industry.  


SANY attended with three best-selling excavators, the SY16C, SY26U and SY80U. Reliable product quality, an industry-leading warranty policy and adequate stock made for high traffic at the SANY booth, with over 300 intent orders generated.   


In 2021, SANYs sales volume grew by 540% year on year in the local market, while even more accelerated growth was observed in the first quarter of 2022.


2. SANYs subsidiary opens in Italy


The launching and ribbon-cutting ceremony of SANYs new subsidiary was recently held in Turin, Italy and attended by local logisticcompanies and financing institutes.


The local press and professional industry websites, such as OnSite News, QuotidianoVenaria and E-construction, cast the spotlight on this event. It was also live-streamed on the official Facebook page of the local Mayor’s office, a possible trigger for the inquiry calls that poured in afterwards.


Located in Venaria, the 1,900 square-meter distribution hub of construction machinery equipment in Italy, the subsidiary will be multi-functional, used for product display, direct sales, service and training, while serving as the headquarterand spare partcenter in Italy, supporting all dealers within the region.


After a 211% year-on-year  growth in 2021, the launch of the subsidiary marked a new milestone for SANY in Europe.      


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