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SANY’s 2024 Global Service Action Kickoff in Uzbekistan

At SANY, we believe in going the extra mile—quite literally. This year, as we launched the 2024 Uzbekistan Global Service Action in May, we reinforced our commitment to exceptional customer service and technical excellence. The ceremony, graced by the presence of Director Huang and other dignitaries, kicked off with applause and enthusiasm, signaling the start of a transformative Service journey across Uzbekistan. Our engineers will meet key customers and clients, delivering hands-on service and technical maintenance for SANY machinery.

The theme of our Miles Journey shows our dedication to enhancing the SANY brand image by focusing on key customers and products, resolving existing issues, and performing beyond expectations. We aim to win customer trust by letting them experience the zenith of professional after-sales service, thereby nurturing lasting relationships and building a robust reputation. Our approach involves both online and offline research—online to better understand customer concerns and offline to directly address these issues, thereby improving our product competitiveness.

An exciting part of this tour is the promotional offer of a 20% discount on SANY spare parts during the service period, encouraging customers to enhance their equipment’s longevity and performance. Our commitment is quantified in ambitious targets: inspecting over 400 pieces of equipment with a 100% completion rate, aiming to solve 100% of reported faults, ensuring comprehensive training, and striving for utmost satisfaction in inspections, promotions, and accessory sales.

We have strategically divided our top engineers into six groups, covering major regions including Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Navoi, Boysun, and Almalyk. Each team is prepared to uphold the highest standards of SANY’s service culture, committed to exceeding industry standards and achieving zero complaints. Our engineers took an oath to embody the spirit of SANY’s service culture, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction and timely, quality service delivery.

The ceremony culminated with an inspiring speech by our leadership and the symbolic start of the event. This marked the official beginning of a tour destined to transform the landscape of customer service in the heavy machinery industry. As the SANY teams traverse across Uzbekistan, we are not just servicing machinery; we are building bridges of trust and partnership with every client we meet.

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