The different sides of SANY

04 September,2017

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When mentioning SANY Group, people will relate it with excavators, cranes and other equipment, since they are SANY’s symbols in most people’s mind. However, they obviously can’t fully represent SANY, as it is not only the leading company of traditional construction machinery industry, but also a pioneer for crossover and industrial upgrading.


What are the different sides of SANY? Besides its main business of construction machinery manufacturing, which new sectors are SANY trying to play its role in? What kind of soft power is SANY proud of? Let’s slide your mobile phone page to know more about SANY.

1. No.18 workshop—the biggest intelligent factory in Asia


The No.18 workshop is SANY’s assembly shop that integrates multiple assembly lines for concrete machinery, road machinery and port machinery. The No.18 workshop is equipped with large computer system as its “command center”, which can record the data of production process, quality test and worker’s labor amount by monitoring traditional operating tools and large-scale production equipment. Its key functional areas include assembly area, high precision machining area, structural parts processing area and storage area, where intelligent and digital operations are carried out. The high-intelligent workshop can serve as the teacher for the front-line workers who aren’t familiar with the assembly work. The workers can learn the entire assembly process through the instructions of digital simulation and 3D demonstration displayed on digital screen.

2. Bank of Sanxiang—to be a century-old bank without speculative business


Co-founded by SANY Group, Hansen Pharm and other 8 private enterprises, Bank of Sanxiang is the first private bank in Central China and the 8th private bank in China, which is also the first private bank orientated in the integration of industry and finance.


“Private banks are unlikely to have the scale of state-owned banks. So, we can only operate the bank with specialization and differentiation,” Liang Zaizhong, the president of Bank of Sanxiang said at its opening ceremony on December 26, 2016. Bank of Sanxiang is the only financial institution based on large manufacturing industry, which integrates industry with finance.


“It is pretty sure that we are not going to put our focus on setting up bank branches, because our main service will still be in the enterprise,” Liang said that Bank of Sanxiang will be specialized in providing professional service for enterprises in five sectors including high-end manufacturing, medical treatment, cultural tourism, new energy and new materials and governmental platform. “We will take great efforts to run the bank for giving more helps to enterprises instead of doing speculative business. We hope that Bank of Sanxiang will be a century-old bank.”


On July 14, 2017, China Unionpay official approved Bank of Sanxiang as its basic member, which is a milestone for Bank of Sanxiang, since it can share resource with China Unionpay members and its debit card is convenient for cross-region and cross-bank use.

3.Long Insurance-- China's first insurance company based on internet of things


Co-founded by SANY Group, Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Company Limited and other 13 stockholders, Long Insurance started its business on March 28, 2016, which is China's first insurance company based on internet of things.


“Long Insurance’s professional orientation means that we will not involve in the competition of automobile insurance business,” a leader of Long Insurance said that the domestic comprehensive insurance companies focus more on automobile insurance. However, Long Insurance will be orientated on providing insurance service for equipment manufacturing industry. Based on internet of things and big data, Long Insurance has established stable partnerships with more than 200 equipment agents and repair factories, offering equipment insurance products for excavators, road machinery and other construction machines.


Long Insurance’s premium income had exceeded 1 million yuan within a month after it was put into operation. By the end of last July, its premium income had reached tens of millions yuan.

4、SANY-SPARK—national-level innovation base for intelligent manufacturing


SANY-SPARK is an incubator, offering office space, professional consultation and financial support for start-ups. Considering that most start-ups lack resources and experiences, SANY considerately provides services to contact governmental and social resources and attract capitals for start-ups.


SANY-SPARK set up a venture capital fund with a scale of 350 million yuan, providing loans, guarantee, financing and other financial services for outstanding start-ups. There have been 109 start-ups and entrepreneur teams settled down in SANY-SPARK since it was put into operation in January 2016. SANY-SPARK has organized 14 road shows inviting 94 domestic well-known investors and recruiting 279 projects. 148 projects participated, 47 of which attracted intentional investment of 140 million yuan.

5.IROOTECH—industrial internet platform


Based on the internet of things, IROOTECH is an industrial platform collecting operating data from machines and providing solutions of operation and management for industrial enterprises. More than 230,000 machines have been connected to IROOTECH, collecting over 5,000 operating parameters to provide big data analysis and operation support for clients.

6. 3D remote controlling excavator—a efficient instrument for relief work


SANY has successfully developed the digger equipped with remote control stereo vision system. The remote controlling excavator can simulate field operation through 3D camera, servo-system, 360 degree panoramic images and audio wireless transmission. No matter where the operator is, he can manipulate the digger as long as he holds the remote controller and wears VR glasses. Additionally, SANY remote controlling digger can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, which makes the machines applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting, breaking and so on.


SANY remote controlling excavators are mainly used in earthquake relief work, toxic environment and dangerous tunnels. They are widely involved in a number of projects in Hebei, Shanxi, Henan and Sichuan provinces. Remote control technology has been applied in SANY SY215 excavator, SANY SY245H excavator and SANY SY365 excavator.


Excavators equipped with remote control technology can not only raise the operation efficiency but also make the excavation work carry out in more complex and dangerous construction environment, liberating manpower and improving operational safety.

7. SANY mobile phone—durable for outdoor use


SANY can manufacture excavators, also can make mobile phones. That’s SANY’s capability.


SANY’s pursuit for excellent quality is well applied in mobile phone manufacturing. SANY mobile phone was originally designed for the operators of construction machinery since it is durable for outdoor use. Unexpectedly, it has been well accepted by the market and customers since it was released. On June 15, 2015, SANY mobile phones were as gifts presented to African ambassadors and officials.

8.“Sany Gold Brewing” Beer---a must for football game watching


Do not be so surprised. SANY has its brand of beer! “SANY Gold Brewing” beer is a SANY’s new product. With unique taste and aroma, SANY beer is a must for football game watching. SANY sponsors the 2017-2018 Premier League, one of the top league football matches in the world, which will put SANY under the spotlight of global audiences. It’s a great chance for SANY’s overseas promotion, making people know more about SANY and its products. SANY beer, of course, is a good companion to football fans. 

9. Excavator index --tells you something different about China’s economy 


Premier Li Keqiang called for solid and stable measures to support upward growth in a bid to achieve the target for economic and social development, while attending a symposium with economists and entrepreneurs, on July 6.


SANY’s excavator index was mentioned by economist Jia Kang to show the upward economic momentum of the first half year of 2017.


What is the excavator index? It is based on big data and the Internet of things (IOT) connecting machines with network, recording machines’ data to get information such as the operation rate of infrastructure construction. At a certain degree, excavator index reflects China’s economic situation, which provides a reference for Premier’s work deployment.


SANY takes the lead to get the excavator index by gathering the real-time operational data by sensors installed in 200,000 machines. With 9 years of accumulation, SANY excavator index has covered more than 5,000 dimensions of machines’ big data, reflecting the situation of fixed-asset investment and macroeconomic trends.

10. SANY’s canteen-a bite of SANY


Have you seen the food documentary “A bite of China” broadcasted by CCTV? If you haven’t, please come to SANY’s canteen, because it is a miniature of the “A bite of China”. SANY has been paying great attention to its employees’ welfare. To make employees eat well, SANY employs 21 chefs to cook different cuisines and food materials are all provided by well-known suppliers to ensure the food safety. SANY believes “family culture”, which hopes staff can find family’s feeling in tasty food and all the employees can be united as a family.

Let’s check the delicious pictures!




As the leading enterprise in construction machinery industry, SANY never stops its steps to be more excellent. It strengthens the main business of traditional manufacturing while actively develops new businesses in intelligent manufacturing, integration of industry and finance and internet+. Fueled by the “Belt and Road Initiative”, SANY has taken many efforts to make its products going global, letting more overseas people appreciate the beauty of “Made in China”.



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