SANY Once Again Becomes Sole Construction Machinery Manufacturer Winning CEGI Top 20 Companies

06 December,2019

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▲Awarding ceremony of 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies (in Latin America)

On December 3, CEGI 2019 Summit was held in Beijing, which was attended by nearly 500 participants, including government officials of China, senior executives of famous Chinese enterprises, experts and scholars in external communications, and journalists. As the sole construction machinery manufacturer award-winner, SANY, together with HUAWEI, Alibaba and Bank of China among others, won the title of 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies (in Latin America). This was the second time for SANY to receive the honor.



▲SANY Group won the title of 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies

CEGI Summit, first held in 2013, has held seven sessions. For six years in a row, CEGI Survey Report were released. In 2015, CEGI Alliance was established; in 2019, Advisory Council of International Communication Experts for Chinese Enterprises was set up, so as to upgrade Chinese enterprises’ brand and international influence, and help build world-class enterprises with international competitiveness. They have formed great influence in the business arena.


The Summit, themed on “CEGI open wider to the outside world”, focuses on the topic of how to build the global image of enterprises when China is opening wider to the outside world. It is designed to build the platform for enterprises to establish world-leading competitiveness. During the Summit, SANY SVP Tang Jianguo made presentations about SANY history of building a global brand.



▲Participants in the Summit

The Summit released the CEGI 2019 Survey Report - Latin America, which was jointly compiled by China Report Press, Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, and the world-famous poll organization KantarChina. The Survey Report, by studying enterprise performance in responsibility, fairness, credibility and success and by adopting the multiple-dimensional factor calculation, establishes the CEGI index model. Taking 100 as the mean value, the enterprises with higher scores than 100 have better global image.


The survey was made among Chinese companies operating business or selling products in five Latin American countries, namely, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, covering 13 industries including energy, transport, construction, minerals, finance, home appliance, digital telecommunications, Internet, high-end machinery manufacturing, automotive, medical service and health, packaged food and beverages. With CEGI index model as the evaluating criteria, 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies (in Latin America) were selected.


2019 CEGI Summit

SANY inclusion in 2019 CEGI Top 20 Companies is attributed to its wonderful reputation gained through arduous efforts in the overseas markets. In 2019, SANY made many moves in the overseas markets. Through a number of marketing activities and new launches, it has considerably upgraded brand image and influence. 


At present, SANY concrete machinery sells the best in the world; its excavator sales are expected to lead the world this year; and exports of SANY piling machinery, truck-mounted hoisting machinery and port machinery also take the leading position in the industry. Guided by its international strategy, SANY has left footprints in more than 150 countries and regions in the world.





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