Below 40T Reach Stacker
Stack Faster And Safer
Max. Lifting Height
13910 - 16200 mm
Max. Loading Capacity
10 - 35 T
Wheel Base
5000 - 6000 mm
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Dynamic Anti-Rollover Protection Technology

· Adopt intelligent control technology, detect equipment's real-time working parameters and automatically adjust the operating status under dangerous conditions to prevent rollover. It can achieve safe and worry-free operation.

Anti-collision Technology of the Spreaders while Revolving

· Intelligent control of the positions of spreaders and booms can effectively prevent collision among the spreader, frame and boom, avoiding accidents by faulty operation and greatly reducing labor intensity.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology

· The pipeline network automatic fire extinguisher with a strong spray can realize fire alarm, antiflaming and fire extinction functions. The fireproof performance is steady and reliable.

Solid Tire Suspension Technology

· Provide solid tire flexible damping system according to customers' needs to achieve safer operation and lower maintenance costs. Combined with flexible suspension technology, it significantly reduced the shocking load, raised operation comfort and prolonged component longevity.

Automatic Braking Technology upon Reversing

· Adopting technologies like laser scanning and graphic identification, the machine can precisely detect people or obstacles within the driving route and then brake automatically to prevent accidents. It is highly intelligent with high safety.

Reliable Structure Design

· Designed by China and Germany together, the equipment is assured to be highly reliable and endurable by adopting a full-digit prototype design system, going through FEA, dynamics simulation analysis, as well as strict endurance and vibration tests.

Reliable Power System

· Using world-famous brand engines like VOLVO and CUMMINS which are reliable in quality and strong in power, combining the advanced power matching and control technology, the equipment is greatly optimized for dynamic performance. Scientific and appropriate protection for the engine and gearbox will significantly prolong their longevity.

Vertical Lifting Technologies of Boom

· The intelligent controller monitors the boom' s parameters in real-time, and automatically adjusts the position of the boom to ensure vertical lifting of the spreader, which makes stacking safer and improves work efficiency significantly.

Design for Lighter

· Optimize the structure to make it lighter and stronger.

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Max. Lifting Height
Max. Loading Capacity
Wheel Base
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