Coiled Tubing Injector
Superior Lifting Power
Max. Pulling Force
150,000 Ibs
Continuous Pulling Capacity
140,000 Ibs
Continuous Snubbing Capacity
70,000 Ibs
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High Reliable Performance:

· With complete hydraulic control, it has a high degree of automation and reliability to meet the diversified needs of customers.

· The core hydraulic components are imported and have reliable performance.

· The gripper block is a fast detachable structure with a stable gripping performance.

Function Optimization and Excellent Performance:

· The driving system adopts step-less speed regulation, with a wide adjustment range and excellent low-speed performance.

· The traction system of the injector adopts four pairs of cylinders. The traction area of the tubing is extended, and the force is uniform and reasonable.

· The skate is made of high-strength steel, with a yield strength of 2390MPa, indicating its high reliability.

· Gripper surface hardening treatment, extending service life.

Professional Design, Convenient Maintenance:

· The injector gripper adopts a unique structure convenient for disassembly and installation.

· Bearing does not require regular oil injection and is convenient for maintenance.

· The integral disconnector makes connecting operations fast and convenient.

Safe and Reliable Configuration:

· The safety factor of main load-bearing components is high, meeting the use under extreme working conditions.

· The monitoring system is configured to ensure the stripper and coiled tubing are in safe condition.

Specs & Compare

Max. Pulling Force
Continuous Pulling Capacity
Continuous Snubbing Capacity
70,000 Ibs
60,000 Ibs
30,000 Ibs
90,000 Ibs
80,000 Ibs
40,000 Ibs
110,000 Ibs
100,000 Ibs
50,000 Ibs
150,000 Ibs
140,000 Ibs
70,000 Ibs
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