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SANY Machinery Powers the Preservation of the Historic Shrine of Imam al-Bukhari

The shrine of Imam al-Bukhari is a monument complex located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, which had cultural, spiritual and educational significance until the end of the 20th century. This shrine is the most famous and well-known shrine in the Islamic world. Imam al-Bukhari was a famous 9th-century Muslim scholar and collector of hadith, and his shrine is a revered site for Muslims worldwide. The reconstruction work aims to preserve the historical and cultural significance of the shrine while improving its infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. A magnificent mosque building with four tall minarets on its four corners will be built, where 9,200 worshipers can pray at the same time.


Complete reconstruction of the Imam al-Bukhari memorial complex is being carried out by the Enter Engineering group, and SANY machinery is playing a crucial role in the reconstruction process.

At the current stage of construction work, 442 specialists are employed, 65 of which are foreign specialists including many Chinese engineers from SANY. There are 53 units of heavy machinery, and three tower cranes are working continuously on the job site.

SANY excavators, concrete pumps, and cranes are being utilized effectively in the reconstruction process. The excavators are used to clear the ground, dig foundations and move construction materials. The motor graders and loaders are used to level the ground and prepare it for the construction of new buildings. The cranes, on the other hand, are used to lift heavy construction material such as steel beams and concrete blocks into place.

The use of SANY machinery has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the reconstruction work. The machines are equipped with advanced technology, such as GPS systems and hydraulic systems, which ensure accurate and precise movement. Additionally, the machines have high power and stability, which enables them to handle heavy loads and operate smoothly in difficult terrain.

The use of SANY machinery has not only improved the efficiency of the reconstruction work but has also ensured the safety of the workers. The machines are equipped with safety features, such as automatic shut-off systems and backup alarms, which help to prevent accidents and protect the workers. Furthermore, the machines are easy to operate and maintain, which minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs.

In conclusion, SANY machinery is playing a crucial role in the reconstruction work of the Shrine of Imam al-Bukhari. The use of SANY excavators, mixers and cranes has improved the speed, efficiency and safety of the reconstruction process. The successful use of SANY machinery in this project is a demonstration of the company's commitment to providing high-quality and reliable construction equipment to its clients.

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