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Speak with strength! SCC8000A won the "Bill Shaw Memorial Cup" at CICA Australia


The Annual Conference of the Australian Crane Industry Association (CICA) is known as the annual conference of the crane industry in Oceania. Since most of Australia's construction machinery products rely on imports, its strict entry threshold and quality requirements, as well as the selection of the awards are the icings on the cake for this award.


Several challenges were overcome during the construction of the award-winning Brisbane Auchenflower Railway Station Pedestrian Bridge Project. One side of the work site is a live railway, and the other side is an overhead power line, therefore, the condition is very complicated. Additionally, there are still trains running on the line, and multiple processes such as lifting, lateral movement, and lowering must be completed within limited time, which puts strict requirements on the lifting equipment.


To ensure nothing goes wrong, Tutt Bryant/John Holland/Rosenlund Demolition formulated detailed planning, and clever engineering, and conducted field verification many times.


At the site, SCC8000A performed very powerfully, with a working range of 30.5m, and easily completed the demolition of a 221-ton pedestrian bridge. No interference occured with the the station operation, and the hoisting efficiency is very high. The maximum lifting moment of SCC8000A is 12016t*m, and the original super-strong jib combination has a capacity that is 30%-50% higher than that of conventional jibs, which can be compared with 1000-ton products.


In recent years, SANY has continued to cultivate the Australian market. Through improvement, upgrading, and optimization of services, it has better promoted the "going in" of Chinese brands and provided more complete "localized" products and services for the local area. Since Sany re-entered the Australian market, it has sold nearly a hundred cranes to Australia, including 800-ton crawler cranes and 1,000-ton all-terrain lattice boom cranes. At present, SANY cranes have been accepted and well-loved by many Australian customers, achieving a good start for fully entering of the high-end market.

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