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SANY-Megapolis: Building Quality

In Tashkent city, a noteworthy partnership between SANY and Megapolis, a subsidiary of the Newmon group, is making significant strides in the construction of premium-class residential apartments. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to quality and efficiency in the construction sector.

Megapolis has been utilizing SANY’s range of construction machinery for an extended period, marking a long-standing relationship based on trust and reliability. The equipment lineup includes tower cranes, 30 and 45-ton truck cranes, stationary concrete pumps, other concrete machinery, and medium-size excavators. These machines have been instrumental in advancing Megapolis’s projects, showcasing the capability to meet diverse construction needs.

The satisfaction with SANY machines expressed by Megapolis shows the effectiveness and quality of our equipment. The feedback from Megapolis has always been positive, highlighting the machinery’s performance, reliability, and contribution to the timely and efficient completion of their projects. This satisfaction has laid the groundwork for future cooperation, with plans to further integrate SANY machinery into Megapolis’s large projects.

This partnership is an example of how professional collaborations can drive success in construction projects. SANY is committed to supporting Megapolis and, by extension, the NewMon group in their endeavors to develop high-quality residential buildings. Through continuous improvement and innovation, SANY looks forward to contributing to the success of future projects, reinforcing our role as a reliable partner in the construction industry.


Numonjon Ibragimov

Founder and chairman of Megapolic LLC (part of Newmon Group)

My name is Numonjon Ibragimov, and I am the founder of the company Megapolis. We build residential buildings in the center of Tashkent city which covers an area of 5 hectares. Our construction projects predominantly rely on SANY machinery. For quite some time, their Tower cranes have been a key part of our operations. We have also acquired excavators and concrete pumps from SANY, and we are highly satisfied with the performance of these machines. I extend my best wishes for continued success to SANY. I really like SANY’s motto – Quality changes the world. We also try to incorporate this motto into our own projects. Thank you very much.









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