• SQLY50C1
  • SQLY50C1


50 ton Port Tyre Crane

Max. Lifting Capacity:
Wheel Base:
Working Range:
  • High-Speed Hoisting Control Technology

SANY port tyre crane SQLY50C1 is mainly used in large ports, railway stations, freight yards, etc. It not only completes bulk handling and lifting operations, but also undertakes large port lifting and removal tasks critical equipment.

Safe and Reliable

Anti-Rollover Protection Technology

Intelligent control technology, real-time detection machine operating parameters, automatic alarm when dangerous working conditions and related risk locking action, to achieve the purpose of intelligent anti-rollover protection, operational safety, job security.

Boom Limit Technology

Allow boom between 25 to 78 degrees angle of security do luffing movement, such as the boom reached its limit after continuing luffing angle handle, automatic alarm buzzer, the system automatically locks the boom action to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Overloaded Double Bridging Technology

Using high load carrying capacity of the international brand bridge, to achieve double bridge structure, increasing the bottom space for maintenance, flexible transitions, turning radius is reduced to less than 9.8m, which greatly reduces the tire wear, to bring customers more benefits and security.

Lifting Hook Anti-Roll Over Technology

When hooked to rise to safety-critical lifting height, automatic alarm buzzer, lifting operation is automatically stopped, allowing only lifting hook drop operation to prevent excessive lifting hook roll over phenomenon.

High Efficiency

Shifting CVT Technology

No parking shifts during travelling, greatly improving the efficiency of transitions, smooth shifting.

High-Speed Hoisting Control Technology

By monitoring the load weight, when the hoisting weight is lighter than 60% of torque weight at the same angle, the double pump can work in parallel to make the load hoists at a constant speed (max. 0.5m/s), highly improving the machine’s working efficiency.

Efficient Control Technology

The centralized joystick has inching control function. It can realize fine tuning to millimeter precision easily. The machine also has multimotion linkage design so that it can operate faster and more efficiently.

Energy Saving

Closed Hydraulic System Technology

Cargo descent, the engine is only idling, reduce energy demand. Low-power radiator can meet the cooling requirements, with low energy loss.

Dual Power Design

Engine and electric motor two power sources for customers to choose from, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.


Engine manufacturer
Engine rated power/speed
210/2200 kW/rpm
Emission standard
Ⅲ Stage
Drive axle
Steering axle
12.00-24 24PR
Max.swing speed
3.5 rpm
Max.travel speed
Brake distance
3 (10km/h) m
Overall weight
"48.5 (18m Boom Length)"t
Rated lifting capacity
Operating range
4~29 m
Chassis length
7300 mm
Chassis width
3300 mm
Height without boom
3840 mm
Wheel base
3500 mm
2482 mm
Outrigger span longitudinal
6400 mm
Outrigger span transversal
6400 mm
Max.boom length
30000 mm
Tail turning radius
3600 mm
Turning radius
9800 mm

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