E10 Rotary Drilling Rig
Go Deeper For Higher Productivity
Max. Pile Depth
100/65 m
Max. Pile Diameter
2500 mm
Operating Weight
105 T
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Large Construction Scope

· Facing the rental market, low investment, and high return. The max. dia. can be up to 2.5m, the max. Depth can be up to 100m, covering more than 90% of the construction field; equipped with the sixth-generation Kelly bar of upgraded material, the integrated locking device, and robust construction.

Economy and Energy Saving

· Adopt power optimization control technology to realize power distribution in real-time, excellent compound action response time, high fuel efficiency, and low comprehensive fuel consumption.

Step Drum

· Single-layer wire rope winding for interlock Kelly bar; free of mutual extrusion and worn in wire rope layers to increase service life by 35%.

High Reliability

· High standard design for mast and luffing boom to make it more durable, no cracking in 20,000 hours operation test; high configuration reducer with ample torque to guarantee high efficiency, safer operation, and broader working scope.

Intelligent Upgrade

· HD touch screen, 3ms refresh frequency, smooth animation display.

Convenient Maintenance

· The external driving key of the rotary drive facilitates maintenance and replacement; a wedge fixes the leading winch wire rope end and is easy to disassemble and assemble. The unique lubrication point is connected to the outlet hose to facilitate butter injection.

Safe and Secure

· 360° full-field monitoring, sound, and light alarm.

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