Coiled Tubing Car/Trailer/Skid
Highly Versatile Machines
Max Continuous Lifting Power
360/450/630 kN
Max Pressure
105 Mpa
Mounted Power
520HP/382 kW
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Adjustable configuration and abundant power

· The carrier type can be configured according to the customer's on-site operation needs to facilitate transportation.

· High power engine, providing abundant power and more reliable operation.

Module Design, High Compatibility

· Modular design of main components, with superior compatibility, can be matched according to customer requirements.

· Customized design of reel capacity, applicable to a variety of tubing specifications, and can adapt to different reels.

· The design of parts and components is highly common with SANY construction machinery and is reliable.

System Intelligence, Safety Assurance

· Instrument is equipped with electronic screen display, and the limitation can be set. Alarm will be given when the range is exceeded to ensure safer operation.

· Redundant design of hydraulic system to ensure operation safety of BOP system.

· Professional data acquisition system, record operation process, facilitating the review of operation data.

Design optimization of core components

· The traction system of the injector adopts four pairs of cylinders. The force on the tubing traction area is more uniform.

· High strength skate, with high yield strength and surface hardness, ensures the reliability of the traction system.

· The coiled tubing reel is equipped with Rexroth reducer and motor, with excellent performance at low speed and small discharge and stable performance.

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Max Continuous Lifting Power
Max Pressure
Mounted Power
450 kN
70/105 Mpa
353 kW
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