Elevating Platform
Professional High Building Rescue
Chassis Model
Volvo FM 500
Rate Flow of Pump
50 L/s
Working Height
21 m
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Large working area

· Maximum working amplitude: ≥27m;Maximum working height: ≥ 55m

High safety

· It can carry out 10000 times of expansion and contraction actions under full load (500kg), which is equivalent to nearly 100 years of normal use.

Intelligent Operation

· One-key extension and retraction of the boom and aerial ladder, one-key water outlet.

Small supporting coverage

· Length of whole vehicle: ≤11.8m; Single-side support: ≤5.15m

High loading capacity

· Maximum load of working bucket: ≥500kg; Lifting weight of basic boom: ≥2t

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Chassis Model
Rate Flow of Pump
Working Height
Bentz Actros 3344
90 L/s
55 m
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