Small Excavator
Bucket Capacity
0.22-0.7(0.58) m³
Engine Power
120 kW
Operating Weight
13.5 T


Innovative Electro-hydraulic Control System

· With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can provide a strong operating force. Optimized operation performance of the engine reduces power loss.

DOMCS Dynamic Optimization Intelligent Matching Technology

· Adopting a brand new intelligent dual core controller, equipped with the original DOMCS dynamic optimization intelligent control system, advanced control theories such as neural network, fuzzy PID, and variable speed integral are adopted for the hydraulic system. Perfect real-time matching between the engine and pump is achieved based on load conditions, bringing efficiency and fuel saving while ensuring comfortable operation.

Dual circuit braking system

· Both the front and rear axles adopt an independent hydraulic braking circuit. When one circuit loses braking capacity due to unexpected reasons such as leakage or pipe explosion, the braking performance of the other circuit is not affected, making your walking safer and more guaranteed.

Configurable chassis system

· The automatic cruise control function can improve the comfort of long-distance driving. The system detects a brake signal and exits the cruise When the automatic cruise function is activated.

Travel shift protection system

· Adopting advanced control technology, the output shaft speed is converted into a pressure signal during driving to confirm the current speed, ensure the appropriate transmission ratio of the gearbox gears, prevent impacts caused by speed gear mismatch, extend the service life of the axle and gearbox, and improve comfort.

Reverse alarm system

· Alarm alerts surrounding personnel to pay attention, effectively increasing safety during reversing. The alarm sound cannot be turned off in walking mode, and it can be selected whether to turn it off in working mode to effectively balance safety and comfort.

Automatic Air Conditioner

· The standard air conditioner keeps in-cab air fresh. The quick temperature control ensures a comfortable temperature in cab all the year round.

Specs & Compare

Arm Digging Force
Bucket Capacity
Bucket Digging Force
Carrier Wheel on Each Side
Engine Displacement
Engine Model
Engine Power
Fuel Tank
Hydraulic Tank
Operating Weight
Standard Boom
Standard Stick
Thrust Wheel on Each Side
75 KN
0.22-0.7(0.58) m³
102.3 KN
5.193 L
120 kW
240 L
150 L
13.5 T
10 L
4.6 m
2.1 m
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