2.5 - 5T Mini Excavator
Lower Costs For Better Performance
Bucket Capacity
0.06 - 0.15 m³
Engine Power
15.2 - 29.1 kW
Operating Weight
2.68 - 5.3 T
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High Performance

· Strong power ensures reliability in tough working conditions.

Higher Comfortability

· The suspension seat with a higher backrest and adjustable wrist rest improves the comfortable operation experience.


· Two sets of AUX pipelines, QC pipeline and boom holding match various requirements of attachments.

High Reliability

· Load sensitive flow distribution system: Senses micro changes of the load and adjusts flow and pressure in real-time; optimized main valve core for perfect synergism between actuators and precise control.

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Bucket Capacity
Engine Power
Operating Weight
0.12 m³
20.4 kW
3.82 T
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