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SANY's 2023 Global General Assembly Signals Strong Momentum and Grand Plans

The 2023 SANY Global General Assembly, held from May 17th to 18th in Changsha, China, marked a pivotal event for the multinational heavyweight. Welcoming a record-breaking 1200 dealers and customer representatives from nearly a hundred countries, including the US, Germany, France, India, Thailand, and Indonesia, the event served as a platform to discuss plans for mutually beneficial growth and development.

SANY's strategic planning, outlined by Senior Vice President Xu Ming, envisions the corporation strengthening its product capabilities, building robust distribution channels, expanding into new business areas, and enhancing digitalization and service levels. This ambitious plan aims to further cement SANY's position as a leading global enterprise.

Amid a global environment of simultaneous crisis and opportunity, Xu Ming emphasized SANY's determination to convert potential challenges into opportunities. He credited SANY's impressive 300-fold performance increase over the past 20 years to their aggressive corporate culture, premium product quality, and exceptional service, urging all attendees to seize their collaborative opportunity with SANY for a brighter, shared future.

Alongside the main assembly, the event also hosted multiple dealer and customer signing events, further strengthening SANY's dealer network. Twenty-four outstanding dealers were also recognized, highlighting the company's appreciation for their contributions.The event attracted intended orders of 1.172 billion yuan.

Adding to the spectacle, the assembly showcased an impressive review of 42 new SANY equipments, organized in six major phalanxes at the Intelligent Heavy Truck Industrial Park. This display was met with enthusiastic applause and cheers from the global dealers and customer representatives present. In addition, a Global Customer Summit Forum featured industry leaders sharing their thoughts, while a grand fireworks display in Liuyang, the city renowned for its fireworks, celebrated the international attendees.

Beyond the pomp and circumstance, SANY's remarkable overseas growth has positioned it at the forefront of its industry. In 2022, SANY Group's overseas sales exceeded 40 billion yuan ($6.25 billion), a year-on-year increase of 46%, marking a historic best for overseas performance.

This robust growth has been sustained and amplified in the past two years, with SANY's overseas performance growth rate reaching an astounding 144%. SANY now leads export shares in over 30 countries and regions and continues to dominate in scale and growth rate, while maintaining industry-leading per capita production efficiency and profit margin.

Particularly noteworthy is SANY's strategic success in high-end markets such as Europe and America, which are currently its fastest-growing overseas regions. Despite an increasingly competitive global landscape, SANY's exports of excavating machinery, concrete machinery, and lifting machinery remain unchallenged, holding firm at the top spot.

Looking ahead, SANY is set to ramp up its international investments to enhance its global footprint. With a resonating brand, top-tier products and services, and its unique, collaborative approach, SANY stands ready to face the future alongside its global partners.

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