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SANY Contributes to the Construction of the World's Widest Sea-crossing Bridge

The Ximenhou Road-Rail Bridge is a cross-sea bridge connecting Jintang Island and Cezi Island of Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province in eastern China. Scheduled to open to traffic in 2028, the bridge is set to stand as the world’s widest cross-sea bridge, boasting a designed length of 3,118 meters and a width of 68 meters.

In early 2024, under the assistance of the SANY pump trucks, 18 drilled piles of the No. 5 main pier completed their concreting work, marking a milestone for the project.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the challenging nature of the task. The No. 5 main pier is situated in a demanding environment, characterized by a water depth of 60 meters and a complex underwater terrain with substantial elevation differences, fractured bedrock, and minimal covering level. Additionally, the location of the bridge features more than 100 days of gale force 6 and above throughout the year. Meanwhile, with a diameter of 6.3 meters, each drilled pile on the main pier requires the pouring of 3,000 tons of concrete in a single operation without any break, which is a challenge to the performance and stability of construction equipment.

After conducting thorough comparisons of engine, power, pumping resistance, and fuel consumption, the project manager finally chose SANY’s S-series pump truck. After 19 hours of continuous work, four pump trucks, ranging from 56 meters to 71 meters, hit the task perfectly.


The project introducing railway to the Zhoushan City will improve the tourism of Ningbo, a city near Zhoushan, and flourish Yangtze River Economic Belt.

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