SANY motor graders are designed for their operators, and SMG200 is no different. This high-performance grader is built to offer you maximum power and superior leveling performance without compromising on safety and comfort.

Because higher operating ease allows higher productivity, our cabins are optimized to enable all-round visibility and easier access to controls. SMG200 is equipped with a highly responsive load-sensing hydraulic system that ensures high-precision motion control. Its robust Cummins engine delivers maximum power, along with significantly reduced fuel consumption and carbon emission.

With direct-drive Power Shift Transmission, SMG200 is able to provide smooth, responsive shifting, making the machine highly maneuverable, and increasing both operator efficiency and job-site productivity.


• Engine : Cummins QSC 8.3.

• Engine Power : 205 hp (153 kW) @ 1950 rpm.

• Direct-drive power shift transmission.

• Hydraulic differential lock system.

• Controller Area Network (CAN bus) technology.

Key Specification

• Engine Model : QSC8.3-C205 (Tier 3).

• Rated Power : 205 hp / 153 kW.

• Blade Length : 14' (4.27 m).

• Operating Weight : 37,302 lb / 16,920 kg.

• Overall Length : 29'2" (8.89 m).


Highly-Durable Powertrain

• Direct-drive power shift transmission delivers smooth, responsive shifting and increases operational efficiency.

• Variable power technology applies specific power curves to various work conditions, increasing engine fuel efficiency.

Comfortable Operator Cabin

• 360° operator vision field ensures high-level visibility.

• Cabin engineered with a 75 dB “Silent Mode" for noise cancellation.

Intelligent Hydraulic System

• Load-sensing hydraulic system distributes hydraulic flow according to each mechanism’s actual requirement.

• System is highly-responsive and provides high-precision flow control.

• Automatically regulates system’s flow volume according to load, saving engine power and lowering fuel consumption.

• Intelligent fan cooling system conducts realtime system-temperature monitoring. Hydraulic motor controls the fan’s rotating speed steplessly, resulting in lower power consumption and reduced noise.

Sturdy Frame

• Slewing ring bearing provides added strength and precision for maximum serviceability, allowing lower failure rates and reduced maintenance costs.

Convenient Maintenance

• Central position of the filters make them more accessible and easy to maintain.

• Well-designed handrail makes routine checks easier.


SANY Grader Used in South African Vereeniging Urban Construction

SANY grader, SMG200, was used for leveling the road and some building foundations around the industrial park and the project lasted for 6 months.

June 2, 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa

SANY Equipment Used in Australian Rural Road Network Construction

Two SMG200 motor graders, two SSR200 rollers and two YL25E rollers from SANY were used in the project. All the equipment operated continuously for at least eight hours everyday, making high machine quality and reliable after-sales service support of utmost importance.

NSW, Australia

Thailand’s Bangsue National Railway Station Construction

Due to a tight construction schedule, all machines had been operating 24 hours a day, non-stop, making machine quality and efficient after-sales service a top priority.

May 31, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand