Portal Slewing Crane
Smooth And Safe Operation
9.5/30 - 12/40 m
Rated Hoisting Capacity
16 - 50 T
Wheel Base
10.5 - 12 m
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Intelligent and efficient

· Full automatic tracking for spreader slewing

· Slewing angle of the crane and position of the slewing motor is sent to the spreader by real time control and intelligent compensation algorithm. The spreader will move in the same angle speed in opposite to counteract the angle of crane slewing.

· Grab track recording

· Data of the grab in one or more cycle (wire rope lowering distance, slewing angle, luffing angle, wire rope lowering distance, accelerating and decreasing time) are optimized based on the recorded data for the grab to repeat the movement automatically.


· The hoisting wire rope is fully wound

· The lifting force is arranged at the back of the frame, and the hoisting wire rope is arranged with full winding. The Angle of the wire rope is less than 2.5°, and the drawing life of the wire rope is increased by 5%-10%.


· Modular design

· Customers choose modular configuration according to their own needs, fast and convenient. At the same time, the degree of universality is high, which can realize spare parts sharing between customers and factories, customers and customers, and reduce customer spare parts inventory.

Safe and reliable

· Over hoisting prevention for hook

· When the hook is lifted to the limit height, control relays enable control box on the buzzer alarm. Ascending motion stops and only descending is allowed. This device protects the lifting mechanism effectively, ensuring high efficiency safe protection.

· Speed protection for hoisting mechanism

· Acceleration of hoisting points are calculated and sub protection is set for our crane to predict the over speed trend and avoid the obvious crush. Hardware over speed switch is applied for double protection.

Energy-saving and environmental friendly

· Energy recycling technology

· Active inverter technology is applied to transfer the stored dynamic power and potential power into electricity and be recycled to the grid. Moreover, it can resist the pollution to grid from higher harmonic voltage, thus increasing the power factor of the equipment.

· Intelligent low voltage capacitor compensation

· Full automatic resonance eliminating reactive power compensation device is configured to achieve the average power factor above 0.9 or more, which improves electricity efficiency and reduce wire consumption.

Specs & Compare

Rated Hoisting Capacity
Wheel Base
9.5-30 m
16 T
10.5 m
9.5-33 m
16/25 T
10.5 m
9.5-35 m
25/40 T
10.5 m
9.5-30 m
40 T
10.5 m
12-35 m
45/50 T
10.5 m
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