SANY Launches World's First Driverless Electric Mixer

09 August,2019

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    On July 29th, the world’s first pure electric driverless concrete mixer was officially launched at SANY Shaoyang Factory.

    The mechanism of the automatic driving system is not complicated. The camera and radar on the mixer collect data of road status ahead, and then pass the data signal to the processor. After processing the signal, the processor issues the signal to vehicle controller to realize driverless operation.

    The person in charge of the factory introduced that this automatic driving system was independently developed by SANY Intelligent Research Institute, and the operation precision can reach centimeter level. The mixer also comes with a constant temperature management system that can operate from -50 to 50 . Besides, as altitude has no impact on the operation, it increases the adaptability in harsh environments.

    At the same time, as a pure electric engineering vehicle, SANY driverless electric mixer adopts the world's leading power battery system, thermal management technology and safety system. With a cruising range of 250 kilometers, it could generally meet daytime driving demand. What’s more, its power consumption is more than 50% lower and the maintenance cost 60% lower compared with the same type of fuel mixer. Now, SANY driverless electric mixer has 8 invention patents and 10 utility model patents.



    According to reports, SANY Shaoyang factory was built in 2003. In 2009, SANY introduced concrete mixer and special chassis production line to the factory. At the same year, SANY Special Vehicles Co., Ltd was established there. The factory covers an area of 300,000 ㎡, with a construction area of 100,00㎡ and a total investment of 1 billion RMB. In 2011, the production of truck mixer exceeded 10,000 units. And in 2015, the production line of intelligent environmental dump truck was introduced at Shaoyang factory.

   SANY Special Vehicles realized a total output value of 5.2 billion RMB in 2018. It is expected to achieve an output value of 8 billion RMB this year.



5 ton Wheel Loader

Rated Load

Rated Power

Bucket Capacity

SY215C-Tier 3(US)

Operating Weight

Engine Power
116/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY215C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
128/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³