SANY mini excavator, flexible for tunnel construction

22 March,2018

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Underground tunnel construction has strict requirements to the construction equipment that should be small and flexible to rotate and walk in narrow spaces. SANY latest mini excavators SY16C and SY35U are specially designed for working in confined spaces, which can perfectly meet the requirements of tunnel construction. That’s why SANY mini excavators can be loved and recommended by tunnel builders.

Zero tail swing design ensures flexibility

A couple of SANY mini excavators were used in tunnel construction in Australia. Samuel, the chief builder of the tunnel gave high appraisal to SY35U’s performance. “The mini excavator is very suitable for the underground construction site where is confined that only allows small-sized machines to work in there. SY35U has no tail which makes it can swing freely to any direction so that the operator can do the excavation work without reversing the machine.” “If the right track is near the wall, it is very convenient for the operator to left swing the excavator to stop it from hitting the wall,” Samuel said that SY35U’s flexibility greatly increases the construction efficiency and pushes ahead the schedule.


Now, here is an opportunity for Australian customers to get SANY mini excavators with best price. From April 13 to 15, SANY will show SY16C and SY35U at Australia’s national expo-- the 2018 National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo. Customers can buy mini excavators with VIP discount directly given by SANY and will get gift package and free maintenance service.

Don’t miss SANY at the site 104C to know more details about SY16C and SY35U.



5 ton Wheel Loader

Rated Load

Rated Power
195/1800 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
3.0 m³

SY75C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
43/2100 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine power


SY215C (Long Reach)

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.45 m³