Four reasons you can’t miss a SANY 5 tonne excavator


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SANY SY50U 5 tonne excavator launched this year is engineered for superior stability, productivity, easy maintenance and low environmental impact. It works efficiently and durably in various working conditions, especially narrow spaces.

High stability:

SY50U is considerably more stable than other zero tail excavators. With a larger counterweight designed on the basis of balancing the wide gauge and undercarriage, the overall stability of the 5 tonne excavator is improved. It is more durable and reliable.

Powerful digging force:

Kubota V2607 engine customized for SANY provides a stronger power and more reliable performance for SY50U. The bucket digging force is up to 30.8kN, and arm digging force as high as 22.9kN. It is more powerful and easier to dig hardpan. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption is 6.7% lower than other 5tonne excavators in the market, and at least 10.3% more efficient.

The load-sensitivity flow distribution system of SY50U offers an almost perfect meticulous process. It senses micro changes of the load, and adjusts flow and pressure in real time.

Easy to maintain:

Service staff can carry out the daily maintenance of SY50U just standing on the ground without lifting or taking down the cab. It allows easy access to air cleaner, primary & secondary fuel filter, engine oil filter elements and pilot filter elements. In addition, the large toolbox of the 5tonne excavator helps carry repair tools.     

Excellent heat dissipating performance:

SY50U is particularly optimized to solve slow heat dissipation, a common problem of zero-tail excavators. The radiator of the 5tonne excavators is protected with a net to prevent invasion of foreign substances, which is easy to remove for cleaning and ensures smooth flow of air. The large fin of Kubota engine and aluminum radiator also helps control temperature of the machine.



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