Five reasons you can't miss a SANY concrete pump


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Integrated with German Putzmeister technology, SANY's C8 series truck mounted concrete pump is your best choice to get the construction job done with high efficiency and low cost.

Stable and precise positioning

In a large construction project, concrete boom pumps are mostly used to pump concrete at a high volume, thus it's vital to keep the boom as stable as possible after moving it. With one-button stabilization technology, no matter how much vibration the boom incurs after repositioning, SANY concrete boom pump is able to quickly make it stop. As shown in the video, the boom pump with one-button stabilization is much more fixed while the other one without is moving up and down.

SANY concrete boom pump with one button stabilization.jpg

Moreover, SANY concrete boom pump adopts a new swing brake technology that can greatly reduce the boom's rotary swing amplitude by 60% and mitigate the boom jittering during pumping with vibration amplitude decreased by 50%. Thus the end hose can be fixed to place concrete more quickly and accurately.

Smart boom system

Intelligent and sophisticated technologies are adopted to make the concrete boom pump more smart and suitable for various applications. The operator can push upwards or downwards the boom extend/retract button to automatically unfold or fold the boom, meanwhile, the first and second section of the boom can be easily located, significantly simplifying the boom operation.

In case of indoor construction or outdoor construction with upper obstacle, a height limit can be set to prevent the boom from touching the top or suffering overhead hazard.


Safety technologies

Safe operation is crucial to a construction project, and SANY concrete boom pump is optimized in details to ensure that. Relief valves are mounted on the boom cylinder counterbalance valves, and in the event of boom overload, these valves will automatically release pressure to prevent the boom from damages.

In addition, the boom pump will automatically stop when the hopper screen is opened in order to protect the operator. If the hydraulic oil level drops below a preset level, an alarm will sound and the pump will be stopped to prevent damage to the hydraulic system.

Cost effective

Integrated with leading technologies in China and Germany, SANY concrete boom pump is built to create more value and save more money for you. With reversing times hitting 29 times per minute at 12MPa pressure, pump efficiency is increased up to 25% while fuel consumption decreased by 10%.

Moreover, real-time monitoring and self-diagnosis of over 200 faults can greatly shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%, which saves the time and trouble for you. Highly wear resistant spare parts including delivery pipe, discharge port, transition bushing, concrete piston, wear plate, cutting ring and delivery cylinder guarantee the boom pump a longer service life.

Global service

SANY's business covers more than 150 countries and regions with 4 manufacturing bases in India, Germany, America and Brazil, over 100 offices, 400 agents and 8,000 suppliers worldwide. Professional service engineers are always with you wherever you are.



Operating Weight
36000 kg

Rate Power
212/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.6-2.3 m³


High Reach Machine

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Maximum Working Height


Operating Weight

Engine Power
114/2050 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
1.0 m³