Things you need to know about SANY top-performance hydraulic crane


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SANY rough-terrain hydraulic crane has excellent traveling capacity and high-performance chassis system. Its four-wheel drive is applied with full hydraulic power steering system and four steering modes to provide good mobility. Traffic ability and comfortableness of the complex road condition is improved thanks to its Min. turning radius less than 7.5m.

In addition, it adopts ultra-long and super strong boom system by using five-section boom with high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped section to reduce weight and improving the safety significantly. Jib mounting angles are 0°, 20° and 40°, which ensure fast and convenient change-over between different operating conditions so as to improve working efficiency of the hydraulic crane.

The self-made cab of the hydraulic crane adopts ergonomic design with sliding door, safety glass, anti-corrosion steel, soft interior decoration, large interior space, panoramic sunroof and adjustable seats, air conditioner and electric window wiper etc. to provide easier and more comfortable operation. Load moment limiter display is configured on the hydraulic crane to achieve the combination of main console and operating display system, making all operating condition data of lifting operation clear at a glance.

The high-quality key hydraulic components such as main oil pump, rotary pump, main valve, winch motor and balancing parts etc. are adopted to achieve stable and reliable operation of the hydraulic system. Superior operation performance is guaranteed by accurate parameter matching, which is crucial for the hydraulic crane. Through the adoption of load sensitive variable displacement piston pump, pump displacement can be adjusted in real-time, achieving high-precision flow control with no energy loss during operation.

Moreover, main valve has flow compensation and load feedback control function. It significantly enhances control stability for single action and combined action of the hydraulic crane under different operation conditions. Winch adopts electronically controlled variable motor, ensuring high operation efficiency. Max. single line speeds of main and auxiliary winches is up to 125m/min; Slewing system is equipped to the hydraulic crane with the integrated slewing buffer valve, with free slipping function, ensuring more stable starting and control of the slewing operation and excellent micro-mobility



Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


5 ton Wheel Loader

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Bucket Capacity


High Reach Machine

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Maximum Working Height


Operating Weight

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