3.XMW - 4.XMW Platform WTGs
Higher Reliability, Higher Power Generation, Cost Efficiency
Cut-in Wind Speed
3 m/s
Rated Power
3000 - 4200 kW
Rotor Diameter
160-168 m
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3.X MW - 4.X MW Platform Wind Turbine

· 3.XMW series with the rated output from 3.0 MW to 3.65 MW features an increased rotor diameter and hub height up to 168 m and 140 m respectively.

· 3.X MW - 4.X MW platform wind turbine products are designed for a wide range of wind and site conditions. Rotor diameters is available up to 183 meters, and the height of hub up to 140 meters, the power rating is up to 4.0MW.

Easy Maintenance

· Various features are provided to ensure the easy maintenance and to improve maintenance efficiency of the Wind Turbines.

Electric Pitch Control System

· Quicker response, more accurate pitch control, better pitch capability in emergency.

Sand and Dust Prevented Design

· Components are sealed to prevent sand and dust build-up within the equipment.

Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

· The power generation, operation and maintenance level of wind turbines are greatly improved through self-developed smart wind field technology, which will increase electricity generation income and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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Cut-in Wind Speed
Rated Power
Rotor Diameter
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