Data Van Unit
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16 kVA
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Strong Power and Better Passing Performance :

· Being powered by a 350 horsepower high-power engine makes the power stronger; Beiben 4×4 State VI Off -road chassis, with better passing performance.

Large Space and Comfortable Environment in the Cabin :

· Panoramic lighting, soft and hard decoration, warm color, comfortable working environment.

· High power air conditioner and heater, fast temperature regulation in the cabin.

· Reasonable layout of the operation station. Key equipment is controlled by the centralized panel.

Intelligent Upgrade, Convenient Operation :

· Mobile, PC, tablet, multi-platform monitoring, construction data visualization, and easy access to equipment information.

· Wireless transmission of construction data, rapid construction deployment, abnormal alarm function, safe and reliable.

· Video monitoring intelligently identifies fire, hydraulic end abnormality and other faults. Timely alarm to reduce economic losses.

Upgraded Software, Refined Management :

· Visual management of equipment, one-click configuration of IP address.

· Statistical analysis of key information of fracturing unit and sand blender unit, providing predictive assessment and maintenance reminder.

· Real time monitoring and pushing core equipment operation parameters, and evaluating equipment health index.

Safety Warning and Voice Prompt :

· Safety warning and voice prompt are given for dangerous factors such as high temperature, abnormal vibration, manifold leakage and personnel entry into high pressure area by using image recognition and dynamic capture technology.

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