SCR Series Roadheader
A Hard Worker For Non-Coal Seam
Total Power
757- 867 kW
Working Conditions
Non-coal Seam
Cutting Motor Power
2x260- 2x315 kW
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Cutting head

· The velocity of cutting line matches well with the rock by the higher single cutting capacity of cutting teeth. The arrangement of cutting teeth has reached the world leading level with the strong rock breaking ability, the high cutting efficiency and the low cutting teeth consumption rate.

Efficient loading and transportation technology

· The first-level transport and shovel board are driven by motors of international famous brands, with large driving force and strong transportation endurance.The shovel board is equipped with a special anti-seize device to effectively avoid the jamming phenomenon of the transport aircraft.High-strength wear-resistant plates are used in many places.

High reliability hydraulic system

· Adopting the advanced hydraulic technology of construction machinery, it pioneered the hydraulic load sensitive variable pump system in roadheader industry, which has the characteristics of small calorific value, high efficiency and stable operation.

Intelligent electric control technology

· According to the fault statistic analysis of several roadheader, the expert diagnosis technique is obtained.

· The controller collects the working status of the roadheader in real time and displays the working status in real time. Once a fault occurs, it will display the current fault and troubleshooting methods through the expert diagnosis system for the operator to know.

Centralized lubrication technique

· According to the improvement of product technology and the progress of tunnel construction technology, tunnel construction is gradually developing towards mechanization, automation and reduction. In the future, the mechanized construction of tunnel tunneling mainly includes the following aspects: advanced supporting multi-functional all-in-one machine, supporting facilitation after slag discharge.

Specs & Compare

Total Power
Working Conditions
Cutting Motor Power
440 kW
Coal/Semi-coal/Rock Seam
280/200 kW
757 kW
Non-coal Seam
2x260 kW
867 kW
Non-Coal Seam
2x315 kW
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