Hydraulic Support
One Mine With One Design For Strong Support
Maximum Height
1.23 - 8.8 m
Minimum Height
0.66 - 6 m
Working Resistance
2400 - 54000 KN
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“Working resistance” model selection

· Based on the histogram data and in combination with the actual local operation

· experiences, the scientific model selection utilized the “transmission rock beam”

· mechanics theory of the academician Song Zhenqi and reasonably determined the working resistance of supports to guarantee the appropriate working resistance and prevent the adverse events such as waste of investment and occurrence of roof accident or damage of mass supports.

“Anti-corrosion and anti-contamination” model selection

· The water of working face was collected for water quality analysis. Based on the water quality report, the anti-corrosion and anti-contamination model selection was fulfilled to

· determine the plating anti-corrosion technology of hydraulic cylinder, ensure that the “anti-corrosion and anti-contamination” performance of supports meets the requirements, and reduce the failure rate and operation and maintenance costs of hydraulic system parts.

Targeted design optimization

· Based on the working conditions (Approximately horizontal face, large inclination,

· face-up/face-down mining, fault structure, tight roof, three-soft problem, and

· highly corrosive working face) of the working face, the targeted design was fulfilled to guarantee the excellent working condition adaptability of the supports.

· The mechanical structure of the machine was optimized by finite element analysis

· to eliminate common design defects (Concentrated stress, insufficient rigidity, and

· unreasonable partial structure) and guarantee no-defect structure design

Manufacturing processes

· High-strength steel plate welded parts: The manufacturing quality of structural

· parts is guaranteed by removing the oxide skin from groove surfaces, reasonably

· controlling the welding parameters (Such as current and welding speed) and equal-strength welding wires, and using multi-layer and multi-bead welding process, residual stress relief, and shot blasting. Machining: The 100% interchangeability of the structural parts is guaranteed by main reamed holes and integral boring process.

Inspection and testing

· Quality control of structural

· parts: The supersonic flaw

· detection was taken for main structural parts to verify the welding quality.

· Support bench test (30,000kN comprehensive test bench) was completed as per national standard (European standard) to verify the overall performance.

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