MG330/730i-WD Coal Cutter
Cutting Height
1.2-1.8 m
Cutting Power
330 kW
Gross Power
730 kW


Highly reliable hydraulic system

· 1. Duplex pump. The large displacement pump is used for height adjustment system and the small

· displacement pump is used for brake system to reduce

· the system power loss.

· 2. The oil return pipeline is installed with fin-type

· cooler to guarantee that the oil temperature is

· below 50℃ .

High-reliability electric system

· 1. The harness design within electric cabinet realizes the stratified layout for cables and fluid pipes within the machine body.

· 2. The high integrated and modularized design is taken for the main control cabinet and inspection cabinet to ensure integral replacement and easy maintenances.

· 3. Shock test and inspection for electric components.

System level based gear micro-modification technology

· The gears are micro-modified based on the housing

· deformation condition to prevent the partial offset load of tooth face.

High machining accuracy of housing

· 1. The housing is finish machined by imported machining center to guarantee perfect dimensional tolerances and roughness for the housing and thus ensure the good

· functioning of whole drive system.

· 2. The imported constant-temperature coordinates

· inspection center is used to inspect the housing and

· guarantee 100% tolerance conformance.

Specs & Compare

Center Distance Of Roller
Coal Hardness
Cutting Height
Cutting Power
Gross Power
Height Of Machine Surface
Pump Power
Roller Diameter
Tractive Power
Whole Machine Weight
Working Conditions
10.55 m
≤4 F
1.2-1.8 m
330 kW
730 kW
800 mm
10 kW
1.25-1.4 m
2x30 kW
26 T
Thin seam
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