Large Tank Fire Truck
Large Water Tank
Max. Working Height/Working Amplitude
26 m
Rated Flow of Pump
170 L/s
Model of Chassis
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Large Working Range

· The unique positive and negative three-folded boom, with a working height reaching 21m, working amplitude enhanced by 30% compared with the routine boom.

Large Jetting Flow

· The maximum jetting flow of a boom gun is 100L/s, and the maximum firing range of the fire control gun can be longer than 85m.

Large Carrying Capability

· The whole vehicle can carry 20t liquid, and the whole tank body adopts top-quality stainless steel, with strong anti-corrosion capability.

· It is provided with an independent passenger compartment, with the number of passengers able to reach 2+4+3 (optional).

Linkage Operation

· We can adjust the posture of the boom and water gun at will, “pumping water while moving

· boom”, so as to enhance the efficiency of fire extinguishment.

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Max. Working Height/Working Amplitude
Rated Flow of Pump
Model of Chassis
21m/11m m
167L/s L/s
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