Forcible Entry Fire Truck
Fast and Multi-function
Chassis Parameters
Benz Actros
Maximum Working Height/ Working Amplitude
23 m
Portable Tool
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Multi Accessory

· Equipped with several accessories like Bucket, Hydraulic hammer, Hydraulic Shear, Hydraulic Clap etc.

High flexibility

· With 4 section of articulated booms, each boom can be folded and moved flexible.

Strong demolishing power

· High strength material boom designing technique used on the fire truck to make the booms working safety, the excavating force is 5 tons, normal structures can be broken in one time.

High Speed and Wide Range

· Max speed up to 100 km/h, and four-folded arm can reach 23 m high and 18 m wide


· One fire truck can realize fire extinguishment, rescue and load lifting

Specs & Compare

Chassis Parameters
Maximum Working Height/ Working Amplitude
Portable Tool
Bentz 3344
23/18 m
Electric shearing device, expansion device, sheari
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