SY215C-Tier 4F
SY215C-Tier 4F
SY215C-Tier 4F
SY215C-Tier 4F
SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F
  • SY215C-Tier 4F

SY215C-Tier 4F

HOT SALE! SANY medium excavator highly efficient. Low fuel consumption, high productivity!

Operating Weight:
Engine Power:
118/2000 kW/rpm
Bucket Capacity:
0.93 m³

Medium-sized earthwork, stone exploitation,  water conservancy,  and mining, road,bridge, and tunnel construction

  • Higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption

SY215C 23.4 ton excavator features customized engine, strengthened components, high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and comfort cabin.

High Efficiency & Low Consumption

Working Efficiency Up by 8%

Innovative controller with faster consumption and more accuracy reduces the response time of hydraulic elements, lowers the internal power loss of the system and increases the operating output power.

Fuel Consumption Down by 10%

The positive flow controlled by hydraulic system considerably reduces fuel consumption. Advanced computer dynamic control technology provides a real-time match between engine power and main pump power. Four power modes maximize fuel economy.

Digging Force Up by 9.5%

Enhanced work equipment can bear high pressure of quality hydraulic elements and circuits, and strengthen the digging force. 

High Reliability

Powerful Customized Machine

The Mitsubishi engine with rate power of 122/2300 kW/rpm, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke direct-injection turbocharger, and 5.86L displacement is customized for SANY excavators, meeting your expectation on engine stability.

Strong Structural Components

Reinforced X-force modeled with digital tools, and plated welded on the two main beam of swing platform considerably improves the bending resistance performance. Track rollers, carrier rollers and idlers use seal in lubrication that enhances service life. The tri-grouser track shoe rolled with high-strength alloy provides favorable contact, stability and durability. 

Safety and Comfort

Falling Object Protection Structure

The top plate of cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet integrated with reinforced ribs which maximize the safety of operator.

Large Rear View Mirror & Alternate Exit

Rear view mirror of SY215C medium excavator is mounted on both sides of the cab which can observe the situation behind the excavator without looking back.

Large Low Noise Cab

The control provide you with the best driving experience for levers and joysticks designed and arranged according to ergonomic, adjustable seat with suspension, noise reduction design and low-noise engine. 

Easy and Fast Maintenance

Serially-arranged Cooling Units

Coolant radiator, oil radiator, intercooler and condenser are placed side by side for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Bottom Drain Plug

The radiator, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and oil pan are equipped with screw plugs at the bottom, which is convenient for discharging substances and waste liquid out in changing and cleaning oil.

Large-capacity Fuel Tank with Anti-rust Treatment

Interior of the fuel tank has been treated well against rusting. No rusting will occur even if the tank is soaked in oil containing water and phosphoric acid and other chemicals for a long period of time. 

Engine model
Cummins QSB6.7
Rated power
122/2300 kW/rpm
732/1500 N·m/rpm
6.7 L
Emission standard
Tier 4 Final
Operation Range
Operating weight
22800 kg
Max. digging height
9180 mm
Max. dumping height
6670 mm
Max. digging depth
6600 mm
Max. vertical digging depth
5980 mm
Max. digging reach
10307 mm
Min. swing radius
3730 mm
Height at min.swing radius
7680 mm
Transport length
9728 mm
Transport width
3180 mm
Transport height
3370 mm
Upper width
2710 mm
Tail swing radius
2890 mm
Min. ground clearance
480 mm
Undercarriage/Working Device
Std. track shoe width
800 mm
Bucket capacity
0.93 m³
Track shoes(per side)
Upper rollers
Lower rollers
Track gauge
2380 mm
Track length
4450 mm
Boom length
5700 mm
Arm length
2920 mm
Travel speed
3.5/6.0 km/h
Swing speed
10.7 rpm
Ground pressure
41.2 kPa
Tractive force
208 kN
Bucket digging force
127 kN
Arm digging force
103 kN
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel tank
340 L
Hyd tank
239 L
Engine oil
26.4 L
Engine coolant
27.6 L
Hydraulic System
Boom cylinder bore x stroke
120×1285 mm
Arm cylinder bore x stroke
135×1490 mm
Bucket cylinder bore x stroke
115×1120 mm

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