• SMP100C-6
  • SMP100C-6


Paving Capacity:
900 t/h
Max. Paving Thickness:
35 cm
Paving Speed:
0.8 ~ 16 m/min
  • Anti-segregation technology

Sany SMP100C-6 paver's writing harnesses built in line with industry standards to provide solid connections and protection against heat, cold and moisture. The 130hp paver can survive 24-hour work periods with heavy loads in 50°C conditions.

Excellent Paving Performance

High strength screed – the strongest rigid design in the industry features a double layered anti-twist beam design, producing consistently precise results.
Anti-segregation technology used in all aspects of material handling. Fully proportional, independent conveyor and auger controls match device speeds with paving speed.
Remote updates and monitoring provides real-time technical support and technology update.


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