• SAP90C-8
  • SAP90C-8


900t/h Asphalt Paver

Paving Capacity:
900 t/h
Max. Paving Thickness:
35 cm
Paving Width:
Hydraulic extendable: 9.2 m
  • Anti-segregation technology

SAP90C-8 Asphalt Paver

Excellent Paving Performance

High strength screed the strongest, most rigid design in the industry. Uses a frame structure with double layer anti-twist beams to produce consistentily  stable work.

Anti-segregation technology used in all aspects of materials handling. Fully proportional, and independently adjustable for various material types;

To provide the ultimate in product support, machine controllers can be remotely, monitored and even updated.

Stable And Reliable

Wiring hamessed built to industry standards to provide solid connections and protection against heat, cold and moisture;

The machine and it's systems are designed to work non-stop, 24 hours a day under full load in a 50 degree Celsius environment.

Paving Capacity
900 t/h
Paving Width
Hydraulic: 9.2 m
Basic Width
Hydraulic: 3~5.7 m
Max. Paving Thickness
35 cm
Working Speed
1~16 m/min
Travel Speed
0~2.4 km/h
Transport Size
Hydraulic:7250×3210×3280 mm
Engine Brand
Engine Model
Rated Power of Engine
170 kW
Rated Speed of Engine
2050 rpm
Emission Standard
China Ⅲ
Voltage of Electric Systerm
24 V
Hopper capacity
8.5 m³
Frequency of Oscillation
0~50 Hz
Heating Mode
Electric Heated
Camber Adjustment Range
-1~3 %
Amplitude of Tamp
0/2/4/6/8 mm
Frequency of Tamp
0~25 Hz

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