SCC800TB Crawler Crane
SCC800TB Crawler Crane
  • SCC800TB Crawler Crane
  • SCC800TB Crawler Crane
  • SCC800TB Crawler Crane
  • SCC800TB Crawler Crane

SCC800TB Crawler Crane

80t Telescopic Crawler Crane

Max. lifting capacity:
Max. boom length:
Max. lifting moment:
  • Max. lifting moment==300t·m
  • Max. boom + jib length== 47m+17.5m
  • Transport width less than 3m
  • Min. swing radius of 4.5m

▪▪Model: ISUZU 6HK1XKSC-01 Diesel engine;
▪▪Type: 4 cycle, water-cooled, vertical in-line 6, direct injection,
turbo-charger, intercooler, complied with European Off-way
Tier III Emission standard and Chinese Off-way Tier III Emission
▪▪Displacement: 7.79L;
▪▪Rated power: 212kW/2000rpm;
▪▪Operation power: 200kW/1800rpm;
▪▪Max. Torque: 1080N·m/1500rpm;
▪▪Cooling System: temperature-adjustable, pressurized water cycle
system ;
▪▪Starter: 24V-5.0kW;
▪▪Radiator: fin type core in aluminum;
▪▪Air cleaner: Dry type main filter element, safety element core
and resistance indicator;
▪▪Throttle: Grip type hand throttle, electrically controlled;
▪▪Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element;
▪▪Batteries: Two 12V×180Ah capacity batteries, connected in
▪▪Fuel tank capacity: 400L.

Electrical control system
▪▪SANY developed SYIC-II integrated control system is adopted
with high integration, precise operation and reliable quality;
▪▪Control system consists of power system, engine, main control
system, LMI system, auxiliary system and safety monitoring
▪▪CAN BUS is used for data communication between controller,
monitor and the engine;
▪▪Monitor: the working parameters and status are shown on the
monitor, such as the engine speed, fuel volume, engine oil
pressure, servo pressure, wind speed, engine working hours,
lifting conditions and boom angle.


Hydraulic system
▪▪Main pumps: open variable displacement piston pumps of large
displacement is adopted to provide oil supply for main actuators
of main machine;
▪▪Gear pump: dual gear pump for swing, radiator and control
▪▪Control: main pump adopts electrically-controlled positive flow
control, winch motor adopts limitless adjustable piston motor
of variable displacement. The operating components are two
cross hydraulic handle, one hydraulic pedal for telescopic boom,
one dual travel pedal control valve to control various actuator
▪▪Way of cooling: heat exchanger, fan core and multi-stage
▪▪Filter: large flow, high precision filter, with bypass valve and
transmitter, which can remind the user to replace the filter
element in time;
▪▪Max. pressure of system:
Main/aux. load hoist and travel system: 32Mpa;
Boom hoist cylinder: 32 Mpa;
Swing system: 20 MPa;
Control system: 5 MPa;
▪▪Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 1100L.


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