• SDCE90K7
  • SDCE90K7


9 ton Empty Container Handler

Rated Loading Capacity :
9 t
Wheel Base :
4550 mm
Stacking Height :
  • High security and energy saving


1. Low risk of fire hazard: there is no diesel power source, which can avoid fire hazard caused by high-temperature environment in the cabin, aging pipeline and oil leakage during engine operation.

2. Power source redundancy: according to different requirements of driving, hydraulic steering, braking and others, different motor drives are provided, which is safer than single power drive of diesel vehicles

3. Safety warning: the high-voltage part is designed with safety alarm system to detect and grade the faults such as insulation, electricity leakage, over-voltage and over-temperature, automatic interruption and current limitation to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel


1. The regular maintenance of gearbox of diesel power Empty Container Handler need professionals, and the operation is complex.

2. The lithium battery of the electric Container Handler needn’t maintenance, and the cooling fluid is added regularly to the motor cooling system, which is easy to operate.

3.The installation of middle battery has a slide track, which can be easily disassemble by a single person.

4. The product is designed with multiple access ports to adapt to daily maintenance of battery and wire.

Fast charger

1. Full charge in 60 minutes, equipped with dual quick EV charger.

2. Automatic charging at all time, equipped with automatic charging device, no personnel need.


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