SE14642 WTG
  • SE14642 WTG
  • SE14642 WTG

SE14642 WTG

4200KW Wind Turbine Generator

Rated power:
Rotor diameter:
908 4.X Medium & high Speed
  • High Power Generation and High Reliability
  • Low Construction Cost and Low Maintenance Costs

The 4.X series combines a wide range of turbine types, rotor diameters and rated power, covering 3.6MW to 4.xMW WTGs, with rotor diameters ranging from 141m to 155m and project-specific hub height of 100m/120m/140m. They are jointly designed by Sany Heavy Energy and Sany European Research Institute, and they are customized product series that can be applied to different wind zones, landforms and climate.  


Platform expansibility: with modular technology concept, transmission chain, electric sharing platform, and equipped with functional modules which can be suitable for high/low temperature, high altitude, salt spray resistance and sand blowing;

Intelligent technology: adopt advanced laser radar measurement, independent pitch control, anti-damping, thrust control, etc.

High electricity generation: use air density compensation and precise loss model to improve the generating efficiency and deeply develop electricity generation capacity based on the site-specific conditions

Reliable technology: with matured supply chain and perfect test system that can inspect components, system and machines to ensure high reliability of the WTGs.


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