SY5295THB 380C-8
  • SY5295THB 380C-8
  • SY5295THB 380C-8

SY5295THB 380C-8

38m Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

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Vertical reach:

Sany SY5295THB 380C-8 truck-mounted concrete pump has 38m vertical reach with the height limit programmed to prevent boom contact with an obstruction or overhead hazard. The 38m concrete pump provides the users reliable pumping performance along with the highly wear resistant parts including delivery pipe, discharge port, transition bushing, concrete piston, wear plate, cutting ring and delivery cylinder that improve the pumping efficiency and reduce down time.

One Button Stabilization Technology

The one button stabilization technology quickly dampens any boom movement resulting from repositioning the boom. This allows precise positioning of the end hose.

Boom Anti Vibration Technology

The boom anti vibration technology reduces vibration during pumping by 50% allowing less movement and greater control of the end hose.

Energy Saving Technology

With cycle times of up to 29 per minute (at 12MPa), pump efficiency is increased up to 25% while fuel consumption is decreased by up to 10%.

Anti Overswing Technology

By adopting our new swing brake technology, the boom's overswing amplitude is reduced by 60%

Fault Self Diagnostic Technology

Continually monitors more than 200 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.

Smart Boom System

  • One Button Boom Extend/Retract

Press upward on the boom extend/retract button to extend the boom or press downward to retract the boom automatically.

  • Coordinated Section Operation

The boom can be rapidly and accurately repositioned by coordinating the movement the first and second sections

Safety Technology

  • Boom Overload Protection Technology

Relief valves are mounted on the boom cylinder counterbalance valves. These valves will release pressure in the event of excessive boom load to prevent damage to the boom.

  • Hopper Screen Interlock Technology

As an operator protection measure, the pump will automatically stop when the hopper screen is opened.

  • Hydraulic Oil Level Monitoring

The oil level in the hydraulic reservoir is continually monitored. If the level drops below a preset level, an alarm will sound and the pump will be stopped to prevent damage to the hydraulic system.

11380 mm
2500 mm
3920 mm
Empty weight
28800 kg
Boom & Outrigger
Vertical reach
38 m
Horizontal reach
34 m
Reach depth
21.5 m
Unfolding reach
11.3 m
1st section-Length
8510 mm
1st section-Articulation
2nd section-Length
7260 mm
2nd section-Articulation
3rd section-Length
6000 mm
3rd section-Articulation
4th section-Length
6100 mm
4th section-Articulation
5th section-Length
5th section-Articulation
360 º
Outrigger spread L-R-Front
6200 mm
Outrigger spread L-R-Rear
7130 mm
Pumping System
Output (Low/High-pressure)
170/120 m³/h
Pressure (Low/High-pressure)
8.3/12 Mpa
Max. strokes per minute (Low/High-pressure)
29/19 times/min
Delivery cylinder diameter
260 mm
Stroke length
1900 mm
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system pressure
32 Mpa
Hydraulic tank capacity
640 L
Water tank capacity
600 L
Pipe size
125 mm
End hose length
3 m
End hose diameter
125 mm
Chassis model
BENZ Actros 3341
Engine model
Engine power
300 kW/1800 rpm
Euro Ⅲ/ IV / Ⅴ
Fuel tank capacity
400 L
80 km/h
Brake distance
≤10/30 m/km/h

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