• STC300
  • STC300


30 tons Truck Crane

Max Lifting Capacity:
Max Boom Length:
Overall Weight:
  • High safety and reliability
  • Instant data communication
  • Remote monitoring

Excellent performance

The crane is equipped with U shape high-tensile structural steel boom with four sections. The full extension of the main boom is 34.5m, and further 42.5m with jib mounted. The maximum lifting height is 43m, and the maximum lifting moment is 1120kN·m, which ranks the first in the industry.The maximum driving speed is 80km/h, and the maximum gradeability is 40%. The hydraulic power steering adopted features simple structure and easy steering.

Good quality

It is adopted with international advanced distributed integrated BUS data communication network, allowing processing of large amounts of data, fast speed and high stability. With streamlined full-width cab, it provides wider vision and more comfortable operation.

High safety and reliability

It is equipped with voice alarm system to prevent mal-operation and ensure the safety of operation and personnel. The load moment limiter system with high precision, high stability and high intellectualization is applied to provide a full protection for lifting operations.

GCP system

The remote monitoring and management system can monitor equipment operating condition, collect operation parameter, and implement remote fault diagnosis and management. Customers can master the operating conditions of the crane, and inquire and order parts at home.



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