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Beyond bigger and better, we are becoming greener

When everyday people are no longer strangers to electric cars, the reality of a greener future is on the horizon. Even the construction machinery industry, traditionally seen as a diesel-consumingsmoke-producing industry, is making all efforts to “come clean.

As a leading player, SANY aspires towards carbon neutrality in our operationsproducts, services and solutions. Clean energy is the main emphasis.


To date, key breakthroughs have been made in product electrification. SANY has obtained independent R&D capability on battery power, electrical motorand electric control systems, which have been applied to ten new electric models fresh off the line in 2020, including excavators, cranes, truck mixers, dump trucks and road machinery.

In the recent SANY Science & Technology Festival, the company awarded its first-ever Electric Technology Innovation Award, which went to those who made significant achievements in the research and development of the electric excavator, energy recovery technology of electric products, electric tractors with battery swap technologyand electric road pavers.

Some products have already gained good reputations and a firm foothold in the market, such as electric mining trucks, electric mixer trucks, the electric dump truck, the electric reach stackerand the electric container truck.


Clean fuels 

The hydrogen fuel cell mixer truck and hydrogen fuel cell dump truck released at the end of 2020 marked the beginning of the Hydrogen Era” for SANY. SANY has officially announced that it plans to become Chinas largest comprehensive hydrogen power solution supplier within five years.

In the wind power sector, SANY is blazing its own path as an active innovator, while continuing to take affordability into consideration. According to BloombergNEF, SANY is now one of the top ten global wind turbine manufacturers.

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