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Siberia’s severe cold puts SANY equipment to the test
19 April, 2021

SANY equipments reliability is reflected in its adaptability to various extreme climatic conditions as demonstrated in the construction of the China-Russia natural gas pipeline which passes through the arctic circle where temperatures can reach -50°C.   

Starting in the SakhaYakutiaRepublic, Russia and ending at Shanghai, China, the 7,000 km China-Russia natural gas pipeline, with a transmission capacity of 38 cubic kilometers per year, is of great strategic significance to Sino-Russiaenergy cooperation. The largest ongoing project in the world, quoted from President Putin, has involved countless SANY machines including drilling rigs, crawler cranesand others.   

The Sakha Republic, through which a section of the pipeline runs, sits in the permafrost zone near the arctic circle. The average daytime temperature of -35℃ and nighttime temperature of -48℃ demand cold-resistanadaptations for the working crawler crane SCC2600A.

The modified, ultra-low-temperature version of the SCC2600A is integrated with multiple cold-resistantechnologies, including an ultra-low-temperature starting solution, an ultra-low-temperature cab design, oil duct heating, an ultra-low-temperature hydraulic tank heater, an engine oil heater, antifreeze liquid heating, and more.

The three years of service since its launch is testimony of this machine’s reliability, during which it has had a zero-error operating record in extreme conditions such as alpine terrain, open plateauand sandstorms.

The crane’s good performance brought about another order of 35 SANY mobile cranes, symbolizing SANYs entrance into the oil & gas construction market of Russia.

SANY is a leading company in China. You are welcome to invest and set up your factories in Russia,” said Minnyhanov, president of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, during his visit to SANYs headquarterin China.     


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