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SANY service engineer's emergency troubleshooting saves client's huge loss
On December 8th, 2020, SANY received a thank you letter and a silk banner from China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group (CTCE Group), one of the main participants in the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project. A silk banner, primarily red in color and embroidered with words of acknowledgment, is used to extend the deepest level of gratitude in China. 

In the letter, the CTCE highly commended SANY service engineer Liu Jun for his timely service in repairing the water-logged engine of an excavator, which would have otherwise resulted in millions of dollars in losses.    
November 21st, 2020 was a stormy day. As the only excavator on the construction site, a SANY SY215 was making an all-out effort to clear the sludge that was to jam the main drainage channel. Flooding, which would occur if the channel became blocked, would put the safety of both personnel and equipment at risk. 
However, due to maloperation, the excavator’s engine stalled, stranding the excavator in the sludge. As there was no backup excavator, its failure would have led to the immediate evacuation of on-site personnel and equipment. 
Informed about the emergency, Liu Jun, the service engineer, put aside his less urgent tasks and rushed to the site over one hundred miles away. “I was taking care of another repair case,” said Liu, “but I didn’t hesitate before heading to the scene once I was told about the incident, knowing that every second counted if I was going to be able to save the day.” 

As soon as Liu arrived, he organized drainage works including setting up a submersible pump and manually digging a new channel. Then the engine was taken out and the sludge was cleaned from the engine. It took six hours before the engine was restored without any engine parts needing to be replaced. 
“Engineer Liu demonstrated expertise and professionalism. We are surprised by the fact that a water-logged engine can be brought back to full function while still intact,” said Cao Junyan, head of the department of material and machinery of CTCE Group. “Had it not been for his help, the construction site would have been flooded and the whole thing screwed up.”
The SANY workforce is dedicated to supporting and servicing its equipment. For all repair cases that need to be processed as quickly as possible, our service engineers are available to deal with them immediately 24/7. 

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