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SANY cranes help boost the infrastructure construction in Panama

Several units of SANY cranes including truck crane, all-terrain crane and crawler crane are used to undertake the heavy lifting work in the infrastructure construction projects of Panama.

Expansion of Colon Container Terminal

SANY SCC1500E crawler crane is purchased by China Harbor for the third stage expansion of Colon Container Terminal, a major terminal in Panama, the Caribbean and South America from 2014 to 2017.

SCC1500E with maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons, boom length of 80 meters and max.lifting moment of 95.4t×7m, is responsible for the lifting of large steel structures, assembly of quay cranes, and other heavy lifting works involved in the new berth construction.

Expansion of Tocumen International Airport

From 2014 to 2016, one unit of SAC2200 all-terrain crane with maximum lifting capacity of 220 tons, and one unit of STC1000C truck crane with maximum lifting capacity of 100 tons were purchased by EQUISER for the expansion of Tocumen International Airport in Panama. 

SAC2200 all-terrain crane is equipped with 6-section U-shaped telescopic boom that has 62-meter full-extended boom and max.lifting height of 103.5 meters including jib. The max.lifting height of STC1000C truck crane is up to 78.1 meters with 60-meter full extended boom and 18.1-meter jib. The two SANY cranes along with other renowned brands are capable of meeting the requirements in the complex working conditions during the airport expansion.

Building in Panama City

In 2016, Ral Panama has one unit of STC500 truck crane used to pick and lift the objects to the top of building in the downtown of Panama City. STC500 complete the lifting work with high efficiency and safety, and the customer spoke highly of the performance. While working at downtown areas, the crane safe operation can be ensured as STC500 truck crane is applied with multiple safe devices such as load moment limiter, boom height limiter, length sensor, angle sensor, press sensor and winches with over roll-out limiter.

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