SANY mini excavators’ test drive wins high appraisals from veterans

06 September,2017

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SANY mini excavators have become hot sellers at the market. Recently, a number of clients came to SANY’s Changsha industrial park to experience test drive of mini excavators and had fresh impression to the mini earthmoving machines.

Client for test drive: Mr. Lv from Hunan

Model for test drive: SY16C

Ordered machine: SY16C

What the client says about the machine: high efficiency, long service life and low fuel consumption

“The performance of mini excavator depends on its configuration,” Mr. Lv, a veteran in construction machinery industry, said that compared with other brands’ mini excavators, SANY mini digger SY16C is outstanding in performance since its key components are specially designed for increasing its efficiency and lowering its fuel consumption.




Lv got a deep insight to SANY SY16C mini digger’s hydraulic system after on-site test drive. “SY16C adopts unique SLSS-Load Sensitive Hydraulic System, which makes perfect synergism between the engine and the main pump, improving work efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The full hydraulic control of deflectable boom and auxiliary line achieve precise positioning and high productivity,” Lv said.

Client for test drive: Mr. Wang from Shandong

Model for test drive: SY16C

Ordered machine: SY16C

What the client says about the machine: small and flexible

“The first impression that SANY SY16C mini digger gives me is small and flexible,” after driving more than 10 hours from Shandong to Changsha, Mr. Wang said that SANY micro excavator SY16C is only 2.42 meters high and can works at very confined space.


Wang was amazed by SY16C mini excavator’s rotary arm. “The working configuration of the arm ranges from 595 mm of left turn and 350 mm of right turn, making the outer edge of the track could be reached, ideal for the job in compact space like edge or corner of walls,” he added.

Wang also found that SANY mini digger SY16C can be equipped with versatile parts and attachments, which makes the machines applicable enough to handle various constructions like digging, grabbing, discharging, drilling, cutting and breaking.

After the on-site test drive, Wang was very satisfied with SANY SY16C mini digger’s performance, flexibility and power system.

Client for test drive: Mr. Yang from Hubei province

Model for test drive: SY35U

Ordered machine: SANY SY35U

What the client says about the machine: comfortable driving, easy maintenance, zero tail swing, a perfect tool for confined working spaces

When Mr. Yang sat in SY35U’s cab for the first time, his first feeling was very comfortable. 


Yang said that sitting in SY35U’s cab, he won’t get tired even working more than 10 hours. The open cab is designed to increase visuality, easy for the operator to observe the road conditions. “SY35U’s cab has a wide vision, and its advanced noise reduction technology makes me more concentrated on the operation.”

Yang said he is going to purchase a mini digger for orchard construction. “With 1720mm long undercarriage and 860mm swing radius, SY35U’s zero tail swing design is very suitable for operation in orchard,” he added, “The covering parts of SY35U can be easily opened for daily maintenance,” Yang said he was very satisfied with the machine since it saved money and time for him.  


SANY mini excavators can help clients get the biggest paybacks, no wonder they are so popular at the market. 

SANY also warmly welcomes overseas clients to come to SANY’s Changsha industrial park to experience test drive.


SY235C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
132/2200 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.2 m³

SY500H-Tier 3

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Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine Power



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Engine Power

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