SANY Heavy Energy Europe Innovation Center(SHEEIC)was established in Spain

03 June,2020

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SANY Heavy Energy Industries, as part of his constant pursuit for more efficient ways and technological edge. Has inaugurated a Research and Innovation Institute in Europe for the development of core wind technologies.


After more than one year's preparation, SANY Group has recently inaugurated in Madrid-Spain, the long-awaited SANY Heavy Energy Europe innovation center (SHEEIC).

The centre, is the decisive response of the SANY Group engineering network to keep strengthening his global R&D developing strategies by constant investment in innovation. However, this is not the SANYs first experience in this aspect. Before SHEEIC, SANY Heavy Energy has successfully established other high-end technological research Institutes in Beijing and Changsha campuses.

Furthermore, SHEEIC is not only the first Chinese supercomputer center specifically dedicated to the Windpower industry but also, the specific establishment of facilities, dedicated to the testing of wind Blades in Zhangjiakou, Hubei Province. A specialized test centre for Drive train / Full nacelle Test-rig in Nacelle factory City, and with a site for experimental and prototype wind turbines testing in Nan Kou, with an extensive experimental wind farm at Ning xiang, as to deploy, measure and test smart strategies, aimed to improve the LCoE of his products in actual conditions.

The European centre will mainly focus on the search for new technological partnerships to develop close working associations with the top companies’ research organizations that seek for new technological advances in the area of wind farming. Therefore, during this time, the centre will grow constantly with the acquisitions of bright new and experienced engineers and promoted them so to achieve all the innovations possible in this field.


SHEEIC between this innovative framework will act as a constant support in the development of SANY’s Market Portfolio, and the centre and is constant thrive for excellence in all the fields, will ensure a technological edge for years to come, being in accordance of the global regulations and their development, always perusing a fast adaptation to the market changes.



5 ton Wheel Loader

Rated Load

Rated Power
195/1800 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
3.0 m³


Operating Weight

Engine Power


SY500H-Tier 4F

Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine Power
114/2050 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.83 m³