502 New Recruits were Dispatched to Offer Better Service

06 August,2019

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    Recently, the construction machinery market is booming, and sales of heavy machines increases dramatically. This also placed more demands on the after-sales service for equipment. In order to meet the increasing service demands, SANY invested a large number of personnel to enhance the service strength. A few days ago, another 502 service recruits were dispatched to the front line to provide better services to customers.


Strong talent pool, step-by-step training


    Service, R&D and manufacturing are the three core competencies of SANY. In order to increase the professional level of service team, SANY conducts multi-level, multi-disciplinary and multi-channel recruitment. What’s more, SANY also designed a step-by-step training combining theory and practice to help the new recruits.


    From corporate culture to special lectures, the training for the new recruits is rich in content and covers a wide range. Besides, SANY not only focus on the training of new recruits' knowledge and skills, but also pays attention to improving their expression and communication. SANY organized service simulation case sharing competitions, speech contests and so on.


    At the closing ceremony, He Faliang, head of SANY Heavy Industry Concrete BU Service department, told the new recruits that they should be full of love, grateful, respect themselves and love life. He said, with the mentality of "Bitterness is blessing ", they must be diligent and never stop learning. He also encouraged the new recruits to persist to victory.


502 new service personnel were dispatched to offer service worldwide.


    Liu Yunlai is one of them. He said that the training was very tough, but no one gave up. They were all taking how to study harder and improve their service capabilities. He feels happy that he can apply what he had learned to practice in the future job. He also said that he will redouble his efforts and learn from the predecessor. He hopes to be independent and realize himself at an early time.


    Mr. He Faliang said that SANY full-service team responsible for all kinds of services and accessories involved in the equipment. Thereby, it helps the customer to reduce the pressure on equipment management and allows them better focus on their core business.


     “I believe that SANY new service mode will provide customers with peak experience which is more promptly, more professional, more comprehensive, and more cost-saving, so that customers can save time and maximize their profitability.” He Faliang said, “In the future, besides the personnel strength and skills of the service team, SANY will also actively promote service renovation via digitalization and provide customers with higher standard service.”



Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
1.0 m³

SY335C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
210/1900 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.5 m³

SY500H-Tier 4F(US)


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Operating Weight

Engine power