25 Reach Stackers Delivered to Indian Concor

26 March,2019

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On March 20, 2019, the last 5 reach stackers of Sany successfully passed the factory inspection of CONCOR, which marked that Sany had successfully completed the factory test of all the 25 units of equipment. 


The general manager of CONCOR and the member of the first group that came to Changsha for factory inspection, admired Sany for Sany's impressive brand, high product quality and outstanding team spirit. He mentioned:"In CONCOR’s history,many famous companies had failed to pass the first time’s factory inspection. However, Sany made it."

Mr. Behar, a member of the second group, said: “Before I come to China, many of my colleagues have no idea about China or Sany. At that time, they thought that choosing Sany might be a very unwise decision. Now, I am in China, and I see that Sany as China’s biggest manufacturer of port machinery owns nice factory, first-class R&D personnel, advanced manufacturing line and perfect testing field. When I go back to India, I’ll introduce Sany to my colleagues and tell them that choosing Sany is a very wise idea.”


According to Mr. LeiLiyu, Sany India country manager, CONCOR as a government company is strict with factory test. Every equipment was checked according to the tender documents item by item. Every day, we had been working to 9 pm. Finally, the reach stackers of Sany had successfully passed the acceptance with excellent design and reliable quality. Meanwhile, the customers were deeply moved by Sany team’s dedication.

CONCOR is a government company, which was founded on March, 1988 and was owned by India ministry of railway. From the  beginning 7 inland containers yards which were taken over from the ministry, CONCOR  has developed into the undisputed market leader which owns 79 containers yards all over the India.

With the delivery of the 25 units of the equipment to CONCOR, Sany reach stackers will be all over the container terminal yards in India, and the market share of Sany port machinery in India will rise to more than 45%, which will greatly enhance the brand of Sany port machinery in the industry in India.

Sany port machinery is committed to providing whole solutions for container logistics. Now, Sany has developed into China’s No.1,  brand whose products serve in global main ports.



Operating Weight
36000 kg

Rate Power
212/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.6-2.3 m³

SY215C-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power
118/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Maximum Digging Height


High Reach Machine

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Maximum Working Height