SANY expands market in Fiji by cooperating with its dealer

13 March,2019

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Fiji, is a Pacific island country abundant with forestry, mineral and fishery resources, where is also a region that SANY hadn’t sold its machines to there until January 2018.


The situation was broke by Alvin Singh, who is the director of GM Motors (GMM), firstly learned about SANY’s brand and products on its official website and inquired machine’s detail online with sales staff. Alvin was very satisfied with SANY’s online sales service and placed an order of purchasing 4 units of mini excavator SY35U. "It was the first time we introduced SANY machines to Fiji market and they were well received by Fiji clients", Alvin said that the 4 mini excavators had been booked by his clients before these machines hadn’t arrived in Fiji, which made him confident with the bright future of SANY products' market performance in the local market. 

On February 7, 2018, Alvin on behalf of GMM signed a dealership contract with SANY to introduce its excavating machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery and hoisting machinery to Fijian market. By the end of 2018, the company has sold more than 20 SANY excavators ranging from 3.8 tons to 35.5 tons, 4 road rollers and 2 concrete mixers with sales turnover of more than 1.4 million USD. “On January 18,2019, 2 units of SY215C excavators were shipped to Fiji and on the same day, the dealer placed an government purchasing order of 2 units of SY75C and 1 unit of SY135C excavators, which is the first time that Fiji government uses SANY machines and it is a good start for both sides,” said Zhang Kai, director of SANY's e-Business Center.


Why does the Fiji government choose SANY machines? “After my company got the dealership, we invested heavily in promoting SANY brand in local market by setting up professional sales team, releasing advertisings of SANY image on local media and building showroom for machine display and test drive,” Alvin answered, "Just in a year, SANY’s brand image has been well-established in Fiji. After knowing its good reputation in product quality and service, Fiji government decided to purchase SANY machines from my company for infrastructure construction,” he added.

Professional sales team makes SANY popular in Fiji

“As one of the leading brands in excavators, Sany is becoming very famous globally with their well performed and durable units,” Alvin said that in order to rapidly raise local people’s awareness of the high quality of SANY machines, GMM set up a professional sales team responsible for promoting SANY products and expanding market share and building brand image in Fiji. “We have 6 experienced sales staff to provide professional consultation on specifications of products and to patiently answer clients’ questions. Additionally, the after-sales team consists of 11 technicians with 30 years of technical experience, which clients don’t have to worry about any problems to the equipment. They are well versed with hydraulics, transmission and machinery components. Any major issues, my technicians from our Lautoka and Suva Service Centers will attend to the problem. We also have a 24/7 mobile support team,” “Professional sales and after-sales service are the key factor to achieve the cooperation between SANY and my company. SANY’s quality products plus our professional service help SANY become well-received among local people in a short time,” he added.
Brand building to let more people know SANY

As SANY’s dealer in Fiji, GMM carried out its responsibility not only in sales but also in brand building. “Since SANY is a totally fresh brand to Fijian market, we took many efforts to publicize the brand. First 6 months after the first stock arrival we had intense advertisings to create awareness and introduce the brand, including launching advertisements on newspaper, TV, billboard, websites and social media, publishing brochures and catalogues, branding vehicles and uniforms and sending emails through customer data records,” he said.

Test drive gives clients experience to excellent machines

GMM owns a showroom covering around 500 square meters, where clients can have an intuitive perception about SANY machines. “A number of potential clients were invited to our showroom to have test drives of SANY excavators and many of them purchased these machines after test driving.” Alvin took an example, “After SANY excavators arrived at our showroom, we had a prospect customer come and test the machine. The owner himself is a skilled excavator operator and has two other brands’ small excavators in his fleet. After test driving he was extremely happy with the machine. I asked for his comments and feedback compared to the other machines and he said this machine is stronger and smoother than any machine he has operated. He gave us an order and we registered and delivered the first SY35 in Fiji to this particular customer.”

All-round supports from SANY to achieve remarkable success

By far, GMM has sold more than 28 SANY machines including excavators, road rollers and concrete mixer, achieving sales amount of over 1.4 million USD. SANY’s supports also play an important role in GMM’s good market performance in Fiji. SANY had in-depth investigation into Fijian construction machinery market and mapped out SANY products’ orientation in the market before GMM becoming SANY dealer. During the three-year contract term, SANY will give timely and thorough supports GMM in sales, brand promotion and technical training, assisting the company to gain more market share and profits by SANY products. “It’s a win-win cooperation for SANY and GMM, we hope that SANY can rapidly get its market position in Fiji by our company influence and professional experience, while SANY’s wonderful products and considerate service can help us achieve remarkable business performance,” Alvin said.

With global orientation for its future development, SANY is looking for dealers around the world to achieve brilliant successes with its partners. Come with SANY to build a brighter future for your company!

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Operating Weight
36000 kg

Rate Power
212/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.6-2.3 m³


Operating Weight

Engine power


SY215C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
118/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity