SANY India's plant welcomes customers from Bangalore

15 December,2017

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Recently, a group of customers from Bangalore visited SANY India's plant in Pune and got warm welcome from the staff of SANY India.

Led by Sushant, the sales manager of SANY India, the customers visited the production line of SANY mini excavators and intelligent workshop. In the large and tidy plant, workers were busy in assembling machines. With the help of intelligent robots, every machine will be strictly tested before delivery. “Every excavator produced by SANY will have more than 2000 hours excavation field experiment and over 800,000 times key components fatigue test to ensure its superior performance,” Sushant introduced.


Muralidhar, a customer who wants to purchase a mini excavator had a test drive at the plant. Instructed by an operator, Muralidhar operated the mini excavator SY20C by himself. “The mini excavator is very comfortable for operating. It is stable and easy to manipulate and when I sit at the canopy, I can have a large view for operation,” he was very satisfied with SY20C’s user friendly design. The ergonomic design in the cab like the chair, the joystick and the standard canopy with newly-designed damping system give the operator a comfort experience.


“SANY mini excavator SY20C is specially designed for India to suit its working conditions. So, SY20C is not only stable and comfortable for operation, but also flexible and powerful for working,” Sushant said that the mini excavator adopts customized engine and optimized power matching technology, providing efficient, economical and reliable performance for the toughest of jobs.


These customers also visited SANY India’s industrial park, showcase rooms and offices. After having a deep insight into SANY India, they had intention of purchasing SANY mini excavator SY20C and SY35U.


About SANY India

Established in 2006 with a 60 million USD investment by the SANY Group, the SANY India facility is located in Pune, and includes 3,659,729 square feet (34,000 square meters) of space. The main products manufactured here are concrete pumping machinery, excavators, hoisting machinery and road machinery.


Now, SANY India is expanding its business by introducing two star mini excavator models-SY20C and SY35U to the Indian market. SANY mini excavators were well-received in India since they entered the market a year ago.



Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY16C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
11.2/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity

SY135C-Tier 3(US)

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY215C-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power
118/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³