Sany Group Presents “Global Camp” Leading International Style at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014

18 February,2014 SANY Group

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When the CONEXPO-CON/AGG officially opens in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, on March 4th, look for the Sany Group of China to make a major statement.

At the last exhibition, Sany impressed all with its spacious exhibit area, excellent operation and orderly organization. This year, China’s first- and the world’s fifth-ranked construction machinery manufacturer will have 20 sets of basic machines, led by the eye-catching "Excavator Transformer”, and 15 types of accessories, as well as various Sany brand products professionally displayed in the outdoor central exhibition area to once again demonstrate Sany’s quality, industry status and corporate strength to its customers world-wide.

Sany Product Quality Rivals That of Other International First-Class Enterprises
The Sany exhibit area will include a wide range of various core and competitive products, including truck cranes, rough-terrain cranes, crawler cranes, hydraulic excavators, motor graders, vibratory rollers and heavy-duty lift trucks. There will be nine brand-new products among the exhibited products. CONEXPO attendees will be able to sense the top-notch workmanship quality, innovative design, advanced technology, ease-of-operation and reliable performance of Sany products right on the spot. All of these traits combine to show that Sany product quality rivals that of any other first-class international heavy machinery manufacturer.

Among the seven crawler cranes exhibited by Sany’s heavy-duty crane business unit, five of them achieve the U.S. EPA Tier 4 emission standard and four of them are totally new models.

One model, the SCC8100TB, is being shown for the very first time anywhere. With a telescopic boom upperworks mated to a crawler lowerworks, it provides the dual advantages of a crawler crane and truck crane. This model is especially suited for rapid and automatic loading and unloading, flexible rotation and construction within a narrow work area.

The SCC8150 crawler crane was designed specifically for the North American market and, with its Porsche-designed cab, has become famous as “the most comfortable crawler crane”.

The SCC8500 (preliminary) crawler crane features Sany’s brand-new multi-functional movable counterweight technology, making this model especially suited for the lifting of wind-power equipment.

Two types of rough-terrain cranes on display are equipped with a high-performance chassis featuring the advantages of flexible mobility and strong gradeability. Sany’s truck crane comes equipped with a load-sensitive, variable delivery hydraulic system independently developed by Sany, resulting in more efficient operation and more reliable equipment.

Sany excavators have retained the title “No. 1 in Sales in China” for three consecutive years. With their engines achieving or even exceeding the U.S. EPA emission standard, all seven types of excavators on display by Sany’s heavy machinery business unit feature a brand-new industrial design, comfortable and secure operation mode, better quality and lower fuel consumption.

Other brand-new Sany machines include the short-tail swing mini-excavator SY16C3Y4W, the zero-tail swing mini-excavator SY35C1Y3WU and the SY335C9C4K. All come equipped with U.S. EPA Tier 4-compliant engines and multi-functional attachment operation.

With advantages such as low fuel consumption, high operation efficiency, long service life, long continuous operation period and strong environmental adaptability, Sany excavators have been widely accepted by many customers in China and abroad with sales growth of these machines increasing greatly.

The “Excavator Transformer” exhibit and the excavator performance show are sure to become the focus of the show.

Two of Sany’s road machine business unit products will be on display: the mechanical motor grader and the S-series drum vibratory roller. With its advantages of high transmission efficiency and strong power, the Sany motor grader was extremely popular in the market in 2013. And the S-series drum vibratory roller features Sany’s own SYMC control system with various functions including intelligent control, fault diagnosis and recording for higher work efficiency.

Sany’s port machinery business unit will display its heavy-duty lift-truck, used for lifting transportation work at ports. With its brand-new industrial design, the entire machine features an aesthetic appearance as well as a strong and forceful style. And its innovative cab side-tilt and cab side-shift technology greatly eases access to the engine maintenance operations.

Sany Continues Its Global Expansion
As a leading manufacturer in the global construction machinery industry, Sany is constantly expanding its operations around the world. In 2013, Sany solidly established itself in such strategic new markets as Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It achieved profitability in North America for the first time, as well as in five other markets, including the Middle East, the Asian-Pacific region, Russia, Southern Africa and North Africa. It also made great progress in localizing operations in India and Brazil. In such strategic areas such as Brazil and the Middle East, Sany products have won high praise.

In 2013, Sany products, including the truck crane, exploded in popularity, with the oversea sales of Sany heavy-duty cranes increasing 36%.

Sany excavators not only continued its presence in Asia and the Asian-Pacific regions, but also made a significant breakthrough in the North American market, with its performance and quality reaching world-class levels and gradually obtaining the recognition of high-end market. It was estimated by the company that overseas sales revenue in 2013 would increase further over the sales revenue in 2012, exceeding 10 billion Yuan for the first time.

Three Brands Combine to Display a Brand-New International Style
It is worth mentioning that two international brands, Germany’s Putzmeister and Austria’s Palfinger, will be  conveniently located near the Sany exhibition area, which is different from previous exhibitions.

In 2012, Sany acquired Putzmeister, the top brand in global concrete machinery, and operated the company as an independent brand. This year, Putzmeister will take the 15,069 square feet of exhibit space adjacent to its parent company Sany Group to display 18 basic machines and various types of accessories and systems.

In December 2013, a major movement occurred in the international capital operation of Sany. After the joint venture between Sany and Palfinger Group from Austria (a global truck-mounted crane giant), the two announced cross-shareholding. Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. took a 10% share of Palfinger and Palfinger obtained a 10% equity of Sany’s lifting business by capital increase.

At CONEXPO, both brands will display their individual brand-new products, and Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete pump, belt conveyor and Palfinger truck-mounted crane will show their world-leading quality. Three brands will gather together to jointly display a brand-new international style.


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Operating Weight

Engine Power
116/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.93 m³


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